Free Paper Comprising the Presentation about HIV/AIDs Therapies

Published: 2022-03-02
Free Paper Comprising the Presentation about HIV/AIDs Therapies
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Activity Handout

This presentation will focus on HIV/AIDs therapies including how the disease is diagnosed, its approaches and the intervention taken depending on the results. The key areas that one should focus on are as follows:

Understanding the cause of the disease (Virus) and the direct effect of the infection to the body as well as how the infection is spread

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Assessment and diagnostic procedures that are used to determine a person status of the disease that include the laboratory assays

The required preparation before undertaking the diagnostic procedure that involves developing consent between the medical practitioner and the victim

What to expect after testing for HIV and the next action to take based on the results

How to handle people whose results are positive for HIV including assessment of their reactions

Possible complications when testing for HIV

Interventions for positive individuals including treatment, guidance and counseling, and the follow-up activities to assess prognosis

The different expected outcomes regarding the choice of treatment

The appropriate dieting for people living with HIV/AIDs

Additionally, how exercise activities contribute to promoting the recovery process

Lastly is the post-care procedure for individuals who are positive for the disease

Teaching Plan

Post-Procedure Home Care

Infection with HIV has different stages that differ in severity of the disease. Based on the stage of the disease, there are critical measures that one should take concerning home care to prevent further complication that include;

Using preventive measures such as condoms during sex to prevent autoinfection

Maintaining high levels of hygiene to prevent infections with opportunistic parasites due to the status of the immunity

Prevention of mother to child transmission should be observed to try and limit the number of people living with HIV.


HIV infection causes a weak immune system that can give way to other infections. Having a well-balanced diet will help to boost the body to fight infections and to ensure all there is sufficient energy for other activities.

A balanced diet should also be free from excess fat to prevent taking in a lot of bad cholesterol. Additionally, one should ensure there is enough food at all times to prevent starvation.

Medication Education

Treatment of HIV is a very critical process that requires adherence to all rules and directions given. Based on the combination therapy that one is given, it is advisable first to check the body reactions. In case of any side effects, the physicians will use a different combination for a better outcome. Better use of medications has a lot of effectiveness in suppressing the severity of the infection. Through the use of ARTs, there are individuals whose viral load levels are below detectable ranges thus indicating a positive outcome.

ARTs therapy is the only available treatment for HIV, and therefore, people should adhere to the guidelines for better outcomes rather than trying other remedies that might worsen the condition. Again, the drugs are taken at a scheduled time of the day that is easy to prepare and follow. Concerning medication, one should expect other side effects such as liver and kidney failure due to toxicity.

Signs and Symptoms That Require a Notification to the Physician

Some of the critical signs concerning HIV infection during home that will require a quick notification to the physician include:

Continuous vomiting and diarrhea

Inflammation of the lymph nodes

Development of nodules under the skin and

Excessive loss of weight

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