Barrack Obama Essay Example

Published: 2019-06-03
Barrack Obama Essay Example
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President Barrack Obama is arguably the most powerful man in the world. His journey to achieving his status is one of the most inspirational stories ever. He is one of the people that no one could have imagined that he would ever become the president of the United States of America. Obamas father Barack Obama Sr. was a Kenyan who had gone to America for his education. He married Stanley Ann Dunham in 1961 and together they had a baby boy named Barack Hussein Obama. His father and mother separated on the same year and his father returned to Kenya in 1964. His mother had to struggle raise him alone and still continue with her studies in the University of Hawaii. His mother transferred to the University of Washington to complete her studies there and later joined Harvard for her graduate school. Obama Sr. never visited him until 1971 when he made his first and last visit to him. He never lacked a father figure in his life though. His mother met Lolo Soetoro and later married him in 1965. However, he moved to Indonesia in1966. His wife would follow him a year later together with his son Barack Obama. They lived in Indonesia for four years before they returned to Hawaii for her mothers further studies. She returned to Indonesia in 1975 but Barack decided to stay with his grandparents and school in Hawaii. Obama therefore had a background of three races. His father was African, his mother an American and his stepfather an Indonesian. From the moment he was born he knew he was different. His complex background made him an extraordinary American.With such a background, many people would expect that he would have to strain to live an average American life; no one could ever imagine that he would become the president of America.

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Obama like many Americas struggled to attain his best in education. He had to ensure that he performed well in his classwork and attained his goals and targets. After his high school, he joined Occidental College in Los Angeles and later Columbia University in New York. Hethen worked as a director of a community developing service in Chicago. He later joined the Harvard School of Law in 1988. During his stay in this school, he met his wife Michele. He worked in Chicago during his holidays to earn a living while in school. Obama began his political career while at Harvard and became the first Black President of the university. This achievement made him popular all over America. After Harvard, his desire for political development did not end. He took apt in many political drives aimed at serving the people in different places. For instance, in 1992, he directed the Illinois voter registration drive that sought to register the African Americas to the system. His political ambition grew over the years and in 1997, he ran for Senate seat in Illinois and won. He retained his seat in the 2002 election after beating his all his competitors. While in the congress Obama took a difficult stand and opposed the wrong decision made by the Bush regime, he was one of the most vocal senators that opposed Bushs invasion of Iraq. In 2005 he became the Senator of the state of Illinois and raised his political status in the country. As the Senator, he made various Legislations that made the country better. He still felt that he would be of better service to America if he had more power. In 2007, he announced his desire to run for the presidency of the country.

His 2008 presidential campaigns were some of the toughest campaigns he ever did. His family was highly involved and helped him gain the trust of many family people in America. His chances of becoming were slim owing to his background. However, his work record and policies made the people see beyond his color and vote for him as their president. After his inauguration, he immediately took office and most people in the country felt the change. The process of restoring the country to its former glory would be a tough call for him. In his first term, he addressed the economical regression of the country and addressed issues affecting immigration. He started an exit strategy for American soldiers to end their war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the soldiers to return home. His achievement in the first term guaranteed him a second term in office. His second term has been very lucrative. He has worked hard to promote equality in America and has legalized the LGBT laws. He has helped bring peace in the world by negotiating peace deals between countries. He has successfully stopped Iran from making nuclear weapons through negotiations. Unlike his predecessor, Barack Obama has proved to be a real patriot using peace to rule the world.


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