Free Essay Example - Health Infections at Airports

Published: 2023-01-26
Free Essay Example - Health Infections at Airports
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Communicable diseases and health infections at airports primarily lie on the airport operator as well as the local or regional health authority. Looking at other articles with regard to diseases at airports, it is depicted that diseases at airports are a common hazard that should be critically looked into. Most of the online articles project that the safety managers at airports should set up controls and measures that will mitigate and control the risks associated with health hazards at airports. They also give recommendations that will be best suitable for managing the hazard of communicable diseases. This paper seeks to provide more in-depth insights into the similarities and differences between some online articles and my hazard project.

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Both of them concur that even though it is not within human capacity to curb the spread of diseases, prior preparation should be input to make it possible to decrease the adverse outcomes. This is because the air travel sector is the most commonly used transport system at the international level, therefore, an outbreak of communicable diseases at the airport will be an adverse factor as it will affect most of the airport's operations. Additionally, if the operations manager does not set up a process-based system of controlling the risks early enough, the time available for preparing interventions will be reduced (Barraza, Zuckerman & Hall-Lipsy, 2018). It is generally essential for operations managers at airports to set up measures that will prevent risks that accompany communicable diseases or mitigate the risks in case of occurrences.

The articles are also at par with my hazard project as they project that the primary aims of controlling the hazard of communicable diseases are to safeguard the welfare and health of the workers, public, and travelers, and to minimize the chances for the propagation of communicable illnesses by air(Marienau, 2017). Communicable diseases, especially influenza viruses may adversely affect people's health and affect their traveling plans. Hence, it is essential to minimize the infectious agent at airports and enhance the response to emergencies related to health by incorporating measures for rapid action and decision-making.

Both the article and the hazard project also give recommendations to decrease the disclosure to communicable diseases. They give guidelines that should not be necessarily adopted, but are can be of aid in guiding the process of mitigating and preventing the risks that are associated with the health infections hazard. The articles also propagate that the guidelines may not be integrated as presented, but can be modified to be at per with the prevailing situation. The guidelines will also be crucial in extensive predictability of the mechanisms to be incorporated by multiple stakeholders.


Unlike my hazard project, online articles propose mechanisms without following a specific procedure as most of them give different steps that can be integrated to control the hazard of communicable diseases. There are some guidelines that are not in my hazard project that is included in the articles. Some of the mechanisms proposed include communication, screening, logistics, entry/ exit controls as well as the partnership with the regional/local/ national health body. Additionally, most of the articles focus on a particular communicable disease and some of the measures that can be used to control the risks associated with those particular ideas. On the contrary, my hazard project focuses on health infections in airport s in general.


Barraza, L., Zuckerman, M., Zuckerman, E., & Hall-Lipsy, E. (2018). Airport Public Health Preparedness and Response: Legal Rights, Powers, and Duties (No. ACRP Project 11-01, Topic 09-01).

Marienau, K. J. (2017). Air travel which infectious disease control measures are worthwhile? Infectious Diseases: A Geographic Guide, 25.

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