Free Essay Answering the Questions about Information Systems

Published: 2022-09-06
Free Essay Answering the Questions about Information Systems
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Decision Support System

A decision support system gets construed as the linked computer programs and information which are needed to give a hand in matters analysis and decision making within the organization. It differs from the performance guiding system based on the function. For example, organizations and information systems require that all the managers participate in matters pertaining decision making. Justification may be noted on the general manager, marketing and other information system professionals coming together for an objective. The guiding system is concerned with the manner in which activities within the organization are done and the people who are involved in the entire performance process. Its other functions are aligned to the setting of objectives, the persistent progress review coupled with regular communications. The guiding performance system also facilitates the analysis of feedback and coaching and the implementation of the workers' developmental agendas.

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Human Service Program Information System

The human service program information system is concerned with the broad definition and unique approach to the objectives that are aligned with human wants. The programs have undergone various advancement with the primary focus being on improving the manner in which human wants are improved and satisfied. The recent development in human service program information is aligned with technology where the focus is on improving technology. Human service programs have also switched from output to the input as a way of placing demands on the providers as well as work. The focus on output only required the workers to work hard and efficiently to meet the organizational objectives as well as increasing the output. The shift of focus requires those in charge of the organizations to modify the working environment in a manner that it is not only pleasant to the service providers but also to the workers.

The Three Components of the Design Process

The three components (implementation, evaluation, and modification) are important in the design process based on their relationship in operation. Just like the stool, they work like the three legs, where the removal of one makes the stool to wobble. The design process requires that before an instruction is implemented, it has to undergo through the evaluation process where it can either be modified or maintained. It is after the modification or the maintenance process that it can undergo the process of implementation. The three components of step five, therefore, function as one and determines the outcome regarding success and failure.

Listservs and Usenets

A listserv is an application system concerned with the distribution of messages to the subscribers on an electronic mail list. On the other hand, a Usenet gets construed as a worldwide distribution system whose function revolves the reception and distribution of messages. The duo (listservs and Usenets) are used by the human service programs in the dissemination of information.

Data Definition

Data is defined as the statistics and facts which are collected in the field for purposes of analysis. It may also be defined as the characters, quantities, and symbols on which operations are executed by the computer. On the other hand, computers are described as the facts which are represented or conveyed based on a particular arrangement or sequence. It may also be defined as data in the organized form. The two differ in that data is first hand, it comes directly from the field without undergoing any modification. On the other hand, information is the data which has been processed and organized for a specific role. The organization may be in the form of a sequence or statistics.

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