Essay on Organizational Structure & IT: A Paradigm Shift

Published: 2023-11-29
Essay on Organizational Structure & IT: A Paradigm Shift
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The company structure is a standard patter of how jobs and people are categorized in a company where the organizational plan is the actions and decisions of organizational construction. The primary purpose of IT is to process, disseminate, and monitor information to control, manage, and decide the organization (Luftman, Lyytinen & Zvi, 2017, p. 31) implementation of IT in an organization causes a change in the organization's structure since the relation amid organization structure, and IT is dynamic. Information technology has been extensively documented critical to the company's growth and survival. It is a fundamental and integral part to grow, sustain, and support a business. This makes cooperation in making considerable investments in IT and spending a lot of money, yet a large IT share does not assure high returns.

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Organizations and information systems impact each other. Information systems need to be aligned with the company to deliver info that influential groups in the company want. On the other hand, the company must be alert of and open itself to the info systems' inspirations to a subsidy from new technologies. The contact amid organizations and IT is very intricate and is influenced by many reconciling factors counting the company's culture, politics, management decisions, structure, and environment.

Information technology's potential effects in Deloitte's company structure are; info production are affected by data processing computer or accounting tasks like accounts billing, payables, and receivable. Secondly, the physical output is affected by intelligent scanners, process instruments, and robotics (Kartal & Ă–ncel, 2015, p, 377). Thirdly the knowledge production in companies is affected by CAM/CAD tools or designers' workplaces. On the other hand, information technologies have helped incorporate business roles between and within all levels of companies. It also allows the reduction in hierarchy levels in an organization by growing the duration of the governor of a manager. The use of information technology thus can facilitate the flattening of the company's structures.

Effects of IT on Employees

Today, the implication of the information, both as a tactical and strategic resource in companies, is a source of extra value known by everyone. IT has always been reflected as a competitive benefit in the commercial environment. Information technologies with its features like; marketing, processing, transferring bulk data and storing assist managers in improving companies' performance (De Wet, Koekemoer, & Nel, 2016, p. 5). According to the accomplishment motivation principle, achievement motivation is a principle that stimulates individuals towards doing their best and achieving their desires. Employees with such inspiration are ready to take all sorts of risks, focus their attention to their duties, and relish their roles. According to a comprehensive management model, motivation is one factor that influences productivity, and IT uses motivates employees, increasing productivity. Additionally, creativity, innovation, and the presence of useful context for the evolution of invention are the factors that affect productivity among the employees in a company.

In the Deloitte Company use of information technology has assisted in the improvement of communication among the employees. This technology has helped in changing the way workers communicate and interact, whereas working. Workers can now use different communication outfits to intermingle with the exchange of information about the company (De Wet, Koekemoer, & Nel, 2016, p. 6). Cybernetic communication also assists in sharing projects and ideas while employees are in various departments. The company also uses IT in the group decision making process. It has also played a significant part in serving the customers, whereby customer service uses different tools to communicate with the customers.

This type of technology has also helped to create mobility within the employees in the company. Employees from the company can easily stay in control of their allocated duties. This is because technology has abolished time and space boundaries. The tech assists in time-saving and flexibility making the workers remain in a governor. However, technology has affected Deloitte's company employees negatively. Information technology has made all technical work automated, which has made employees lazy, and has damaged their creativity skills. Mostly to make their work easy, the workers do their meek duties through the technical tool. This stops the employees' brains from working at the workplace. IT has also made employees lose their work as it has come to replace human beings. This has affected many companies, as most of the employees have been replaced by tech devices that are more efficient and faster.

Employment of IT solutions

Information technology is shaping many areas globally; it is improving human life and speeding up production. One of the areas that have been transformed by IT is the stock and financial markets. There is numerous way IT has shaped and changed the present state on needs, and likewise, the future course. Firstly, the speed of transacting has been made fast; secondly, it is easy to get information, and finally, trading has been made easy (Odvarko, 2016). Electronic trading has been brought by technology, which is a more accessible mode.

Years ago, the company's used to set particular times they were open for business, and the consumer had to put into getting the specific product. IT has changed this; through the introduction of mobile phones and e-commerce, customers can access whatever they need (Barbu & Militaru, 2019, p, 1070). They have elevated outlooks on what is tolerable client service. Consumers understand their power now and use it until they are satisfied with the service. The intermediate consumers are affected by technology as they luck a chance of offering their services. This is because channels are created from the technology where the final consumer can communicate with the producers and get benefits. The technology favors the final consumers as they purchase from the producer without extra charges.

The IT role in civilizing company performance, particularly the small-sized organizations', has not stayed ideal. This is because these companies have limited IT infrastructures, limited computers, limited internet, and small-sized companies. However, with little infrastructure, technology has made small businesses grow. The tech provides channels that cause them to be widely known. On the other hand, IT has positively affected the big size companies. Big companies such as Deloitte have accumulated huge profits through the use the technology.


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