Essay Sample: Effects of Marine Activity on MPA

Published: 2022-11-16
Essay Sample: Effects of Marine Activity on MPA
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The pressures on the management of ecosystems by human activities are typically severe. There are several competing demands on marine space and the resources which are projected to rise. In the long run, the cost of poor ocean management practices will eventually go up due to the environmental and social concerns contributed by pressures on marine ecosystems (Milatovic, 2017). Since the approaches or activities that happened around aquatic ecosystems undermined the resilience of ecosystems, marine protected area at Beausejour in St. George Grenada will be boosted by several factors that will be backed up by the government's approaches (Milatovic, 2017). This essay will discuss factors that affect marine activities, and the marine protected areas at Beausejour in St. George Grenada and the Caribbean tourist attraction.

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Visible life support functions around marine protected areas and habitat have been provisioning by the challenges brought up by illegal marine activities. Tietenberg and Lewis (2016) asserted that over 3.1 billion people rely heavily on marine for animal protein intake which is mostly associated with seafood. Moreover, about 60% of the degraded areas and marine ecosystem were contributed by ascertainable global mangrove who lost 19% of the coral reefs due to the overindulgence in aquatic activities for seafood. Consequently, marine ecosystem has immensely deteriorated due to the geographical extent and encompassing oceans, salt marshes, intertidal zones, lagoons, estuaries, mangroves, coral reefs, and some deep seas which have enough seafood being exhausted by perennial beech dwellers. Anderson et al. (2014) noted that effective management of coral reefs in conjunction with conservation practices need to be championed since all the malpractices that were channeled into marine protected areas were caused by lack of knowledge and carelessness among the marine foods dwellers (Area, 2010).

According to Weible (2006), knowledge gaps contributed to the diverse effects on marine protected areas due to human activity in the plight of finding seafood. Caribbean aquatic system, Grenada marine, and coastal environment were deprived of species due to the constant threats and stressors like development requirements and rapid tourism sector that affected sediment runoff. Such activities contribute to land-based pollution (Tietenberg & Lewis, 2016). The depletion of other sources of seafood brought about the indulgence into marine protected areas in the plight of finding marine protein. Additionally, Campbell, Harvey, and Ince (2017), research aligns with the report by Tietenberg and Lewis (2016) since it also identified many threats on coastal marine ecosystems which include and sustainable fisheries, overexploitation of some commercial species, destruction of the food web, habitat destruction, and overstressing marine protected areas. Aquatic activities have also contributed to pollution which has resulted in massive deaths of marine life (Tietenberg & Lewis, 2016). For instance, oil spills, tourism, construction, agricultural energy, farming practices, and developments that channel waste into marine ecosystems have contributed significantly to the effects on marine protected areas and the death of specific marine life.

According to Patel, Pedersen, and Kotelnikova (2010), the intensity of hurricanes on Caribbean land and ecosystems since 1970 contributed to the extent of marine protected area destruction (Area, 2010). Human-induced warming could have committed to the devastating consequence on Caribbean coral reefs. Besides, the uptake of carbon iv oxide from the atmosphere added to the slower growth which was a challenge that affected the absorption of some coral reef nutrients into the marine protected areas hence contributing to the massive effect into marine life. Industries release carbon iv oxide.

Pressures like fishing, damaging coral developments, and lack of adaptability to the environment are also the cause of the effects of the protected marine areas. Lack of zoning in the marine protected areas contributed to the challenges that include fishing in the protected areas (Patel et al., 2010). The established protected seascape provided killed hope in their protection of finance strips in Grenada. Additionally, Baldwin (2012) asserted that inventories prove that there was lack of security to the represented samples in the Granada ecosystems which brought about challenges in natural woodland, coral reefs, cactus club, and the medium side seagrass bed. As a result, the documented effects on marine protected areas proves that seafood and seagrass are mostly affected by the pressures that were brought about by human activities. The rising number of visitors at marine protected areas is the primary cause of the pressures on the ecosystems hence the effects on marine activity justify the reasons why there is a need for the government to put up better measures to control the ecosystems.

Mysterious Mythical World (2017) video asserted that, in the Caribbean highlands, there is an amazing underwater museum that attracts many people to visit the area hence causing exertion of pressure on the little available facilities. The is the need to establish minimum and the maximum number of people who are supposed to visit the museums to ensure that there is no reason to contribute to the pressure on the available resources in Grenada and the west indies of Caribbean lands (Mysterious of Mythical World, 2017). Additionally, the video by Pickell (2016) outlined that the beauty of the mysterious medical world according to the movie shows that salinity which was recorded early in June 2006 contributed to the massive change in the marine life hence affecting the quality of adventure that was anticipated. Therefore, water quality is a factor to be upheld to ensure that marine and Caribbean areas are secured from the deteriorating temperatures and climate change that will positively affect the productivity of the tourism sector.

Climate change is another factor that affects the protected areas at Caribbean lands and Grenada region. According to Baldeo, Jeffrey, Samuel, and Khan (2012), Granada was characterized by humid tropical climates where the humid and warm rainy seasons were affected by the changing environment hence causing dry seasons. Besides, the temperature was relatively changing throughout the year thus leading to a 26 degrees centigrade drop on a few degrees so making it more relaxed with December to February (Baldeo et al., 2012). Grenada geothermal resource development is also a cause of the hiccups experienced in marine life (Baldeo et al., 2012). The ministry of tourism and civil aviation has the mission of enhancing the administrative and technical support in the plight of improving the aspects that happen around marine life.

In conclusion, this essay has analyzed various factors that affect marine activities, and the marine protected areas at Beausejour in St. George Grenada and the Caribbean tourist attraction. For instance, the minimum and maximum temperatures are altered hence causing a decrease and an effect on the marine life. Marine ecosystem has immensely deteriorated due to the geographical extent and encompassing oceans, salt marshes, intertidal zones, lagoons, estuaries, mangroves, coral reefs, and some deep seas which have enough seafood being exhausted by perennial beech dwellers.


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