Essay Sample on Fixing Discrimination against Women

Published: 2022-12-13
Essay Sample on Fixing Discrimination against Women
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Naturally, women are considered as weaker beings in comparison to men in society. This has been perceived in peoples mind since ancient times but with the generation, today women are advocated for equal rights. Solely, a woman partakes vital roles and responsibilities in the family and society at large. Thus, I confidently advocate for impartiality amongst gender. Below are various ways into which gender discrimination can be discouraged such that a healthy community is established to promote growth and unity amongst one another.

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Sensitization of women on their rights

There should be a way of creating awareness in women regarding their rights. Some people in society take advantage of women due to ignorance. Through this empowerment, there shall be a significant change that raises a generation of women who are responsible enough.

Involve women in leadership positions

It is perceived that men are to lead and women follow. To cub the discrimination against women in society there needs to incorporate them in leadership committees. When women are included in leadership, and their opinions are considered during the decision making other women at large are much advocated for. These disparities are as well eliminated. It is of great importance that women should be actively involved and participate in political forums. Women need to be enlightened much concerning the value of their votes.

Advocate for Education rights

A girl child (woman) has been deprived right to education. Some communities tend to believe that a woman is meant to bear children and do house chores to serve their husbands as well as take care of their siblings. Besides, some communities are alienated to the extent of exposing their young girls to early marriages just because a woman is meant to be submissive to her husband. As a whole, the public need to be much aware of the disadvantages of early and forceful child wedlock. The value to girls' education and active participation in economic development activities should be emphasized.

Establishment and Enforcement of the law

Laws to protect women from discrimination and any form of violence should be established. Other rules do exist and need to be enforced. Women are highly exposed to risks of violence like rape, beatings, verbal abuse, and torture among others. In regard, a peaceful way of resolving conflicts among members and more so the community's approach of women and girls.

Consequently, women should be empowered in the capability of supporting the needs of their households by being equipped with technical skills through training. According to statistics households where both a man and a woman have a way of boosting each other financially they tend to be stable, unlike a family that a woman is to sit in the house waiting for provision of the husband.

Address poverty

The public should be much aware of how to approach the poverty conditions that women are encountered to explicitly in rural regions. Women should be provided with basic needs that lower their self-esteem.

In conclusion, the media should raise awareness in the community and mobilize on ways to discourage discrimination against women. Young girls should be enlightened on how to be much more aware of their legal rights.


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