Fiscal, Ethical, and Leadership Accountability - Essay Example

Published: 2023-11-14
Fiscal, Ethical, and Leadership Accountability - Essay Example
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Accountability is "the adhesive that binds social systems together" (Frink & Klimoski, 1998, p. 3). It is the willingness to take responsibility for one's actions and be accountable for them. Companies with high accountability cultures experience an improvement in the performance of both employees and leaders, resulting in a feeling of job satisfaction, increasing commitment, and leading to increased innovation. This paper discusses the measures in place in my organization for fiscal, ethical, and leadership accountability.

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Fiscal accountability involves putting financial management policies in place in an organization that ensures the achievement of their financial goal (Tooley & Hooks, 2009). For this, my organization ensures that qualified staff approves all transactions. A financial blueprint is also set in place to ensure the smooth running of the business and a financial system that measures and assesses how finances are used.

Ethics includes behaving according to the set moral standards. Ethical accountability entails freely circulating information regarding workplace issues, organizing ethical training, and encouraging open communication. My organization measures ethic accountability by monitoring production rates and resource drop rates

Leadership plays a significant role in the success of any organization. Leadership accountability involves setting specific objectives, assessing progress concerning the goals set, and providing feedback on it and linking consequences to actions (Williams, 2006). In our organization, leaders give clear written job descriptions, and to measure progress, systems are set up where meetings are held weekly to discuss the progress of work and outline actions on performance. An engagement survey to assess leadership in the workplace is also conducted

As a CAD designer in a manufacturing company, I am involved in the accountability process by setting goals and assigning duties to the artisans, offering a helping hand where need be, and assessing their performance per the required design.

In conclusion, I strongly feel that the considerations in contrast to accountability computations in my organization are accounted, and great consistent progress noted since the execution of the accountability process.


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