Essay Sample on Changes in the Hotel Industry

Published: 2022-12-30
Essay Sample on Changes in the Hotel Industry
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The hotel industry is a field that experiences vibrant changes all through. The owners of the hotels and the hotel management team work tirelessly to ensure that they fulfill the demands of their customers as well as provide the best services to their customers. Change is vital in the hotel industry to meet the standards of prospective customers. People love to be treated right in a hotel because a hotel is like a gate away place which is considered to be a second home to the people who check-in. This paper aims at examining the value of the proposition in the hotel industry and how it has evolved to change the behavior of guests and visitors across generations. The paper will also expound on the definition of value proposition, and consumer behavior. Some of the hotel industry are mentioned in the article "North Americans feel better about hotels than ever. The goodwill is unlikely to last."

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A value proposition can be described as the changing value that needs to be done to ensure that the customers are fully satisfied in the long run. This is a problem that most hotels are yet to face in the coming years. This is because the customers are always looking for much better if not something new. In the current years, management teams of close to all the hotels have managed to add something new to Impress the customers who check in. For instance, there are hotels which offer free internet to the customers. This is excellent value addition and may impress the customers, the question that still stands is that, for how long will it take for the Idea of the free internet or WiFi to get monotonous to the same customers who were once excited about the whole Idea. To add to that hotels have also managed to provide free breakfast for the customers who check in to sleep. This is good, but, what more is there to add to keep impressing the customers and making them feel satisfied?

Change in the hotel industry is inevitable, for instance, the case of North American hotels, the customers seem to be excited with the kind of offers they get from the hotel management team ("United States hotel industry," 2000, p. 2). The free breakfast, and access to the internet. This is something that is yet to hit the hoteliers in the future. The customers are bound to decrease in numbers due to too much expectations from the hotel management team on the kind of treatment they expect daily. Unless an improvement or changes are made on the value proposition, the decrease will be highly significant. Customers are always looking for something new every single day. Everyone wants something that is out of the norm due to the kind of pressure that life can give. Most customers prefer to getaways in hotels because of the kind of services and offer given to them. They want to try something out of the norm.

In the final analysis, hotels in as much as they experience booming business at the moment. The management teams should be alert on coming up with better offers aside from the usual ones to continue impressing the daily customers and as well attract more visitors and guests into their suites. The management team should focus on value addition and discounts for customers. Value addition can be done in terms of the food offered, and the discounts offered to guests who visit in large numbers such as families and members checking in for conference meetings.


The United States hotel industry. (2016). The Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 41(5), 96-96. doi:10.1016/s0010-8804(01)80011-2

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