Essay Sample on Work-Based Assessment

Published: 2023-01-27
Essay Sample on Work-Based Assessment
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Workplace assessments are participatory assessments of workplaces, such as a real estate entity either as a whole or one specific section. Assessment may be carried out by to scrutinize the health and safety of the organization's surroundings or the roots of the existing clash. Unearthing needs, strengths, threats, and opportunities in the workplace, give managers and human resource personnel clarity. For instance, they require to improve coherence, meet goals, and ensure a culture that exhibits the outlined values. A workplace assessment is done when management determines that it is imperative to become attentive of the exact nature of the issues which are being conveyed. When this is determined, then it is possible to agree with the concept that certain topics are creating hitches and build an action plan to get a solution. Each real estate entity has its methods for carrying out a workplace assessment. In the long run, the aim is to pinpoint areas in the company that is meddling with professional conduct or work completion. Workplace assessment comprises of both predictive and criterion work-based assessment as discussed below.

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Predictive-based assessment

It refers to pre-hire assessment test screening more than past experiences and education of a candidate. In real estate, an interviewee may go through personality test practice, spatial reasoning, math extra exercises, video tutorials, personality profiling, verbal reasoning, or figural reasoning. The test mainly measures a candidate's potential and aptitude scientifically in the most reliable ways, thus adding more rigor to decision of hiring (Adnan & Razali et al., 2017). Sales candidates are likely to be required to show a competitive nature, high motivation to attain results, and the capability to initiate and close sales. Through this test, an employee is placed in a position where they are mostly like to perform well. Psychologists (assessors) also match a candidate's values with the job position. Properties such as apartments or condominiums these days are gaining both value and demand in the market. Therefore, recruiting the right people for a sales role makes the company property sales increase and also thus room for expansion.

Criterion-based Assessment

This test uses benchmarks such as creativity, attendance, quality and quantity, effective communication, and cooperation to evaluate a sales agent performance. In real estate agents deal with property sales such as apartments or condominiums. Some agents usually make more sales than others, thus boosting the company's profits. The company, at times, gives promotion to the best-performing employee, offer bonuses or increase the salaries. All this is determined by assessing the employee's sales records and client's feedback. This type of assessment is crucial as it motivates the less performing and also makes the employees happy. The test is formed based on the goals and objectives of an organization. It also allows the company psychologist to uncover weakness and help the sales agent overcome them. (Meng & Zheng et al., 2016).

Predictive and Criterion Work-based Assessment Empirical Support

Predictive or pre-employment assessment test according to data provided by Talent Boards 2016 Candidate Experience Research shows that many companies have adopted it. The report shows that 82 percent of the companies are using pre-employment test, and assessment methods are advancing with time. Talent Board Study indicates that 54 percent of these companies are using job simulation screening. On the other had 51 percent of the companies are using cultural fit screening method, which is an increase from previous years. Currently, organizations are using assessment at every job level of recruitment, not just executive positions. Gayle Norton, talent strategy director, suggests that people such as sales agents won't last in the job if their personality fails to match with what they do. Gayle also points out that, where candidates might be technology-savvy in customer's service role, but fails to possess the right personality profile for dealing with customers exhibiting understanding, patience, and resilience they likely won't flourish or endure in the role (Dave ZielinskiJ, 2018). Eric Hanson, assessment and succession services director at (DDI) Development Dimensions International in Pittsburgh, says than one criterion often overlooked in evaluating assessment is adaptability. Firms are evolving faster than ever meaning that job roles are transforming or vanishing more swiftly than ever. With changing technologies and the emergence of new business strategies, different types of skills are required in the workforce, and assessment has to be carried out for change flexibility. Professional says that screening offers not only intellectual horsepower or capabilities but also cultural fit, motivational drivers, and personality traits. This help determines which candidate may thrive in over the long run or those that may not.

Most corporate real estate organizations have some systemically built performance measurement system in place. Forty-two percent of those systems are a part of the company-wide performance measurement system. These company systems in all organizations are based on a general performance measurement framework with Balanced Scorecard being the most popular 23 percent. Also, eleven percent of them being the second most popular. A few companies have established and used their measurement system in addition to a companywide performance assessment system. (Oladokun & Gbadegesin, 2017).

Strategies to improve work-based assessment

For work-based assessment improvement, assessors should adopt the following approach. First, psychologists or assessment providers to conduct comprehensive research for candidate tests to be truly predictive of a person's performance and business outcome. This is not as simple as creating a short, mobile-friendly quiz where only three or four validation studies are done with a few people. Personality testing is precisely something that needs to be normed over time. A considerable amount of data requires to be collected to say that certain personality traits predict particular performance confidently (Massie & Ali, 2016). Second, employers ought to evaluate assessment methods, how well they've proven to correlate with actual job skills and job performance over time. Management to ensure that companies are investing in science, which is a critical differentiator between assessment programs. Employers also to make sure professionals or assessment providers invest in both science and assessment software as technology is moving fast.

Lastly, assessment provider to shift from using multiple choice questions and commence using Artificial intelligence to extract new data points from videos of candidate's interview (Massie & Ali, 2016). A recruiter can evaluate a candidate based on tone, facial expression words they use. Based on the job the candidate is applying with this technology, it only takes 20 minutes for interview recruiters to get in-depth data on how customer-centric, risk-averse, or empathetic a candidate is. Ai uses scoring of answers to unstructured questions on tests. Scoring of closed, multiple-choice replies is direct, but it's more problematic to score nonconventional data like a candidate's free-form reply to a text message. Artificial intelligence learning makes this more advanced form of scoring more practical and concrete. To get such a good score for a human being, it takes a lot of time and resources, especially if the data volume is enormous. The algorithms, for instance, can inform recruiters that given precise test results of a candidate, this is the odd of their success based on the past performance of similar individuals in the same industry.

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist's Role in Work-based Assessment

Psychologists in industries and organization make sure that workers are healthy and happy in the place of work at the same time being productive. Sales agents, at times, get a hectic day as some clients have many complaints or demand, and also others are tough to convince. Through the help of a psychologist, both employer and employee get a win-win as the company leaps good profits. Most psychologist in this area report they have immense job satisfaction. A psychologist in the real estate workplace mostly operates the Human resource office regarding the fitness in a particular position or their health (Christensen, 2017) closely. Those who rely on the latter tend to match employees to specific tasks depending on their characteristics. In contrast, those who pay attention to the well-being of individuals in the workplace will have a more diverse role. They also apply psychology principles and research techniques to solve issues and improve life quality within the company department such as; sales, marketing, management, administration daily. Psychologists perform the following roles in an organization;

Screening employees

Industrial-organizational psychologists interviews employees to determine their morale makes a note and observe employees working style. They also assist in making recommendations based on results and carry out workers performance assessment. Personality tests can be applied to determine which employees might work best as a team. At times screening current workers will lead to a psychologist's endorsement to hire new, better-qualified workers. In these settings, the hiring process will be observed and probably improved. (Cheung & Huang et al., 2016).

Development and Training

The psychologist evaluates how employees react to training sessions, new policies, and programs and give feedback to the organization management. An industrial and organizational psychologist also provides advice on how to best to motivate the workforce based on employee screening and interviews to result done during recruitment. (Cheung & Huang et al., 2016).

Planning and Revising Policies

Industrial and organizational psychologists may recommend modification of procedures and policies in place if he or she sees they are lowering employee's morale. He or she can also propose how to improve behaviors and attitudes in the workplace. At times they help amend specific rules through observing the efficacy of training programs and assisting in developing particular policies or draft again, the entire book of company policies and procedures. (Cheung & Huang et al., 2016).

Future planning and Restructuring an Organizational

Psychologists are tasked to help communicate a new plan implemented to employees and assisting in the change itself. They also work with the management to make changes within the organization that improves worker output. Also, it ensures that an employee's morale remains high during periods of change. It is often necessary to reshuffle managers and officials or change roles in the same industries or other companies, with the help of a psychologist these changes become easy for employees. (Christensen, 2017).

Both predictive and criterion work-based assessment is crucial to every organization, not only real estate. Through the screening method, company productivity increases as an employee's role are matched with his or her character traits and values. Supervising the well-being of individuals in the workplace as an industrial-organizational psychologist can involve several duties. Mostly, an industrial psychologist will focus on how societal norms affects the well-being of employees, in addition to how managerial approaches affect self-esteem. In case they find the workers are negatively influenced by the operational side of their place of work, they can make recommendations in line with science-based evidence.

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