Free Essay Example - Final Push

Published: 2023-04-08
Free Essay Example - Final Push
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The First World War came to an end as a result of the United State interpolation. Indeed, massive killing and wounding had taken place, and therefore regarding the conquering of Britain and French would be easy. For instance, around 4% of Britain's population had been lost while four million of them were wounded ("Everything You Know About How World War One Ended Is Wrong", 2020). Similarly, the French army had refused to attack Germany militarily, and therefore it was easy for them to be conquered. Concerning that, France ended up losing three million men while Britain lost two million men against the German attack. The casualties were engulfed and controlled by the German ("Everything You Know About How World War One Ended Is Wrong", 2020). If it were not for the United States intervention, then Germany would have turned victorious over the war. Americans contained the German military and fled the France refugees. Americans coordinated France and Britain's military in their support to conquer German hence ending the war. Thus American military aided the in termination of the First World War and reduction of massive killing of the France and Britain citizens. The American also led to development of firm and solid army forces in France and Britain.

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In 1917, the American Army had to intervene for the war that had killed millions of Britain and France's army (Coffman, 2014). The German military had developed strategic ways to attack France and Britain. They mainly used the German port to supply their troops and weapons upon which they were to conquer Britain and France. To mitigate the situation, the American Army induced a blockade to end the outcome of World War I. American deployed A Million Man Army to ensure that they revolutionized war against France and Britain by German. American, therefore, controlled the movements of the German army as well as containing the transport mode on the Marne River and railway means. As a result, the German Army had no alternative rather than facing the fight. Marine and Doughboys had taken action to flee and stop German assault on Marne (Coffman, 2014). Despite a large number of casualties in the French and Britain army, Americans had grown a coordinating aspect to castigate the battle and war for the German army fall.


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