Essay Sample on The Impact of Health Nutrition

Published: 2022-11-30 22:13:43
Essay Sample on The Impact of Health Nutrition
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Pachucki, Ozer, Barrat & Cattuto, (2015) say EA healthy believes that everyone should access quality health care in a relatively and timely manner. Health is obtained from eating health nutrition and eating healthy diet benefit the body in various ways. For example, physical, mental and wellbeing socially. Our eating habit and the type of foods we eat have significant impacts on our sustainability and good health. This essay gives an overview of the benefits and effects of healthy nutrition on chi.

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Song, Nieves, Gonzalez, & Crockett, (2016), define Chi as Chinese philosophical life calculating medicine that gives a balance on the negative and positive forms of the body. Chi is believed to be essential for good health. Eating healthy nutrition provides the body with physical benefits. Study research about cardiovascular diseases done in 2015 analyzed the effects of olive oil from the Mediterranean diets. Mediterranean diets were healthy and hence were able to improve blood pressure levels of insulin and other heart diseases. Also on physical benefits health nutrition helps in improving your sleep which in turn plays a vital role in the body's weight control.

Healthy nutrition also plays essential roles in mental health (Russell, 2001). For instance, you are eating when you hungry psychologically it becomes so hard for you to think well. When you are psychologically satisfied, you can easily keep your blood sugar levels down. It also promotes positive mood and thinking. Eating foods especially that keeps blood sugar levels down are rich in proteins - for example, meat and oatmeal. Recent research done shows that diet focused on improving bacterial levels has a positive impact on the brain development and behavior of individuals. For now, to gains perks, he/she is advised to consume gut beneficial drinks and foods.

On the social impact, eating healthy nutrition make one more likely to enjoy social activities. A research done by Pennsylvania University 2016 shows that healthy nutrition has positive social development, especially in children. The study, also says that eating healthy nutrition one is prone to social anxiety and fuel anxiety symptoms like alcohol.

On the other hand, parents should monitor well their children eating habits. Good role model eating patterns makes sure that children eat healthy meals, (Conlon & Bird, 2015). Although, there are also risks associated with foods in children. These include obesity. This is an increase in weight that is attributed to reduced physical activities. Secondly, blood cholesterol levels. This is caused by the consumption of food that is nutritionally inadequate. Thirdly, Anaemia, this condition is developed in children when they do not eat a diet rich in Iron deficient. It is believed that children who have deficient of iron are likely to score below average in math's tests.

In conclusion, EA Health is committed to empowering providers who can help patients. EA has heavily invested in its members in motivating everyone. About the above, I think, we can define healthy nutrition as a combination of things. These may include regular exercise, positive attitude, and eating balanced diets. One is pride when they take care of their bodies through physical and mental health. I think now it is the best time for everyone to realize the importance of eating healthy foods. Practicing the above things is likely to improve the quality of life we live no matter the time it might take to change your life. Anyone thinking of a healthy life he/she should first think of a balanced diet.


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