Free Essay with Some Questions on Cloud-based CRM Software Services

Published: 2022-02-24
Free Essay with Some Questions on Cloud-based CRM Software Services
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Question 1

What types of companies are most likely to make use of cloud-based CRM software services? Why? What companies might not be well suited for these types of software?

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The type of companies that are likely to implement cloud is recognized to be an organization that is working in the direction of having to consolidate multiple application or services into one, mostly to make sure that operating, personal and electricity cost is reduced. Additionally, an organization that needs sense of data security or service level agreement would not work on investing into cloud system. On the other hand, organizations who are struggling with severe data to be store also prefer using this. The cutting cost organizations are supposed to adopt this into their system. Technically, cloud-based (CRM) would play an important role in helping the companies in coming up with operational customer intimacy and operation excellent.

Question 2

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using cloud-based enterprise applications?


Adopting the cloud-based enterprise application is a lesser cost for in house IT infrastructure maintenance. Some providers may demonstrate the cloud hosting provide opportunities for various companies to save money by doing away with the need for an IT management team and support, the opposite is identified to be a reality. Easy implementation of cloud hosting gives a chance to a business in retaining the same business process and same application without having to face back-end technicalities (Storey and Song, 2017). Technically, readily manageable by cloud infrastructure and internet can be easily accessed be quickly and easily accessed.

On the other hand, no need for a physical storage center as everything is managed and hosted in the cloud. This makes the backup process to be quite easier, and in case any disaster happens, it will be easy to restore important information. Additionally, installation and configuring cloud hosting and troubleshooting offer efficient and optimal utilization and management.

Efficient Recovery cloud computing delivers more accurate and faster retrieval application and data, the whole process takes less downtime hence it is considered to be as one of the most efficient recovery plans. On the other hand, the flexibility for growth is easily flexible in that companies are capable of subtracting and adding resources based on their own needs since the company work on growing their need to ensure the expansion of their cloud infrastructure.


On the other hand, some of the difficulties include limited services and features that are offered via reliance on services for the enterprise, less control over the application and lack of band width available. When one is moving services to the cloud, one is handing over their information and data. For a various organization who are managing an in house IT staff are not capable of handling issues on their own hence can its viewed to be subjected to less control. Additionally, there is also less availability of features since not all cloud services are built to be the same, the cloud provider may not offer easy customization. Lastly, with less availability of all the features, fewer servers might be in place to handle which means less for the IT specialist to handle.

Question 3

What people, organization, technology issues should be addressed in deciding as to whether to use conventional CRM system versus a cloud-based version?

The management issue that is supposed to be solved when it comes to deciding as to whether to adopt a conventional CRM is on how the system will be managed and who is supposed to be put in charge of the system. On the other hand, low rates and poor usability direct most companies to demonstrate that it was turf to bring justification in the software investment without the potential for more tangible gains(Ehrenhofer,2015). Lastly, dependability is supposed to be considered during the decision as a result of a dependent of provider, difficulty in exporting data and the issue of storing data.


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