Free Essay Example - Feedforward

Published: 2023-02-15
Free Essay Example - Feedforward
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The Feedforward control mechanism prevents problems before they occur in a system, by monitoring input performances and maintaining identified levels. Feedforward also compares the budgeted results over a forecast. The mechanism controls the output and gives the expected output impact in advance (Marques, 2016).

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As a manager, I will need this tool to control a system effectively. The output feedback of a system is not sufficient for control, and therefore as a manager, I need feed-forward control. As a manager, I will use feedforward to collect data on input variables frequently. With feedforward, I can assess the variations of input and evaluating their result. Also, as a manager, I will need feedforward when taking actions that need to be solved promptly. As a manager, I will use feedforward to gain more ideas on achieving the success of the organization in the future.

The challenge of the feedforward technique is that it is time-consuming and labor-intensive as business reports have to be produced regularly. Feedforward is expensive as it may require a complex forecast system (Guerreiro, 2016). Also, feedforward has a limitation of focusing off day-to-day activities of the organization.

Using feedforward enhances quality communication in an organization. The technique ensures that the right information is conveyed to the right recipients and the contents are receptive. Different cultures have a different understanding of meanings. Feedforward ensures a message is interpreted appropriately without any biasness or individual's perspective (Moreno et al., 2018). This, therefore, makes the business process more effective. The technique can, therefore, be applied in global and virtual settings and assessing communication and cultural differences.


In conclusion, feedforward is a necessity for achieving the goals of an organization. If a manager uses feedforward effectively, then the business will realize positive growth. In my capacity as a manager in a company, I will ensure the proper use of feedforward control mechanisms to help in my daily activities in the organization and to avoid future problems from actions taken.


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