Free Essay on Budgeting Money

Published: 2020-11-26
Free Essay on Budgeting Money
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There are different ways of knowing include language skills, memory, intuition, imagination, faith, emotion, reason, and sense perception. All these ways enable us to understand different issues. In that regard, through observation and participation, I have the knowledge and skills of budgeting money. Through participation, it becomes easy to do budgeting and control finances. Because it is a simple tool that enables one to have the knowledge on how the household spends. By participation and observation, a budget shows whether the spending is less or more than I can afford. In such terms, budgeting knowledge enables me to direct the money to the most important areas and postpone less demanding spending. Money budgeting assists in sorting out money priorities and identify the balance for saving and spending. Through observation and participation as a way of knowing, it is easier to achieve the future goals because they have been planned and budgeted. A budget enables us to get rid of the treadmills of living. It also helps in saving up for a big purchase or holiday, have a better plan on the due of big bills, and pay off the loan or credit card in time. Therefore, having knowledge by both participation and observation on budgeting money is important because it helps one to know how to live and achieve the targeted future goals.

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The knowledge of participation and observation helps us to have a deeper understanding of immigration. Through participation, one can acquire knowledge in immigration and freely move from country to the other to look for employment as a temporal or a migrant worker. Also through observation, knowledge is acquired enabling them to migrate from their countries in the search for employment, business activities, escape from natural disasters, and prejudice. Therefore, the observation and participation knowledge in immigration is essential because it assists people to understand immigrations requirements and live where they are comfortable. Additionally, through immigration knowledge, which can be acquired through observation or participation, always gives us a chance of interacting with diverse cultures and learn them.


The ways of knowing have enabled me to understand some diseases such as Pneumonia. The knowledge of observation and participation helps a lot in learning about the disease. Diseases are infections, and we need to be careful with them so as to maintain our healthy. Through both participation and observation knowledge, I am in a position to analyze symptoms, types, causes and prevention of pneumonia. Through this knowledge, it is easy for me to learn how inflammations are formed in the alveoli or lungs air sacs, whereby the alveoli is filled with pus or fluid hence making breath difficulty. I learnt all these by participating in a public health forum of Pneumonia, which emphasized the necessity to ensure that we know our health status by visiting health centers on a regular basis. By this participation and observation of demonstrations using toys, I also learnt the symptoms and the severity of pneumonia as it depends on the age, general health, and the inflammation cause factors. Also am in a position to know the various types of pneumonia such as Tuberculosis, Pneumocystis Carinii, Mycoplasma, Viral, and Bacterial Pneumonia and its causing agents. In such terms, am in a position to protect myself against pneumonia as a strategy to remain healthy. Therefore, both the participation and observation knowledge helps people to know the best way of mitigating pneumonia attack, which is caused by various agents.

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