Baltimore City Neighborhood Overview, Essay Example

Published: 2022-03-18
Baltimore City Neighborhood Overview, Essay Example
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Brainstorm Neighborhood features?

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Baltimore city is one of the most populous cities in the US. For a long time, social-economical issues concerning wealth distribution have remained hot topics of debate. The city is culturally and ethnically diverse. The continued growth of the city is evidenced by the rising income of middle class and inner city households. These developments can be attributed to cultural integration fuelled by local government efforts.

Has the population been constant or has it changed? Has the area become wealthier or poorer? More or less racially diverse?

The declining population of the city was 620 000 by 2010. The city is made of 63.7 percent blacks, 29.6 percent Whites and the rest are about 11 percent (Luke 2).

Where do people get their food and go shopping?

In Baltimore, majority of the people get their food from supermarkets and food stores. Most of the foods available is manufactured while fruits can be easily accessed from fruit vendors.

Where are the banks and financial institutions?

Major financial institutions and banks are less concentrated in inner cities. Over the years, improved public projects have opened access to all areas of the city leading to better distribution access to these institutions.

Have public work projects harmed the neighborhood helped or harmed the neighborhood over the years?

Urban renewal developments have led to improved living conditions in the inner cities and availability of jobs. Due to these changes, the city has become safer and attractive to business activities.

Have there been redevelopment or urban renewal projects? What were their impacts?

The past few years were characterized by urban renewal projects to redress the issues of housing, income disparity and education. The government has embraced advanced technology and established policies that favor development.

Is the local government more or less responsive to the community needs?

The local government has provided the necessary infrastructure to not only open access to the city's resources, but also ensure the needs of the city are well addressed.

What kinds of organizations are more influential in the neighborhoods?

Political and religious organizations are more influential in the neighborhoods than other entities. Christianity is the dominant religion, while political organizations take ca

Would you feel safe here? Why?

Recent social changes in this city make it a safer place to live. I would feel safe due to better access to the city's resources, new job opportunities are reduced crime rates.

Overall, would you think it harder or easier for the residents of this neighborhood to deem their neighborhood a Place that Matters?

Baltimore city has experienced improved cultural integration as more migrants enter the region. Better access to education, improved health provisions as well as favorable business conditions. Thus, Baltimore is place that matters.

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