Fecal Coliforms in Antarctica - Free Essay on Water Pollution

Published: 2017-12-20
Fecal Coliforms in Antarctica - Free Essay on Water Pollution
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1. Do you think the sampling scheme is adequate to give you a good picture of what is happening? Would you change the design in any way, if yes, how?

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The sampling scheme devised by Sally is adequate enough to give a clear picture of the level of contamination since it was devised in such a way that it shows contamination at every point of the water recycler used by McMurdo Station. Given a chance, I will use the same sampling scheme to conduct research on the contamination in other waters of the Antarctica.

2. Why did Sally sample the specific sites you see on the map in the figure?

Sally wanted to establish the specific sites on which the contamination was likely to occur, as well as the sites that the contamination was likely to occur most or least. This is was to help Sally to know the sites that require more attention when she starts to administer control.

3. Should the station personnel be concerned with the results? Why?

The station personnel should be more concerned with the results as this will help them to come up with an appropriate way to administer control. They would have done a zero work if they just conducted a research and left it without taking measures any to address the situation.

4. What would you consider to be the "Action Level" of fecal contamination in McMurdo Sound? Hint: I am looking for numbers here…your best estimate of maximum allowable limits where corrective action needs to be taken.

Action level refers to the point at which the control measure should be taken against a particular group of bacteria causing contamination, beyond which the damage caused cannot be reversed. Action level of fecal contamination in McMurdo Sound is at

100- 1000/100 ml, beyond this, control measures will not be effective.

5. What remedial action, if any, should Sally recommend be taken right now?

Sally should first advise on sewage treatment before it is released into the waters and discourage other water pollutants, such as chemical containers from being deposited into the waters to prevent further contamination. She should then administer water treatment and purification agents of acceptable quantities into the contaminated water. After which, she should carry out regular checks to determine the safety of the water and take appropriate control measures.

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