Essay Sample on Theories of Administration

Published: 2023-02-21
Essay Sample on Theories of Administration
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Managers prove to be an integral factor since the industrial revolution in the motivation of workers, decision-making, allocation of resources, and negotiation processes. Management theories continue to develop each day. These theories include classical, modern, and global methods (Ferdous, 2016). The classical theory works to believe that workers have physical and economic needs, the contemporary approach entails a belief organizational system that changes with a change in environment, and global management theory implies the unification of management theories adopted internationally.

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Management theories attract discussion every day from scholars since they have proved to be a vital element in the business world. There exists a gap in knowing the origin of the method, the common concepts in management, and how the classification of these theories the process of selecting a management theory (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2017). These knowledge gaps about business management theories attract a debatable topic among most scholars and, more importantly, peer scholars.

The application of management theories needs to analyze the external and internal business environment by being cognizant of regions and states that matter in business strategy (Noe et al. 2017). The aim of management theories from the perspective of the global market entails cooperating values. There exist two ways of profit maximization, which involve an increase in revenue and a reduction of cost.

The relation of management theories exists in terms of adaptation and aggregation. Aggregation refers to the provision of standardized global products for everyday needs in varying markets, while adjustment refers to the localization of products and services provided to a domestic market. The application of modern management theories in the global market helps to cope with the universal market characteristic.

Employees quit work owing to deprived administration norms aggregating expenses, and dropping capacity existing in a trade. The owners of the company should encourage the learning of proper business management strategies through the use of the discussed theories for better productivity.


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