Free Essay: Resume to Finance Job

Published: 2022-11-14
Free Essay: Resume to Finance Job
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I am writing to apply for the above finance job in your company following the advertisement. I am currently studying the Bachelor of Science in Finance, and Actuarial Science at Colorado State University and I look forward to working with your company upon successful completion and graduation.

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A career in the Department of Accounting and Finance aligns with my virtues of being analytical, diligent, and critical thinking that enables me to make high quality choices in matters of financial operations. I am naturally innovative, industrious, and determined at carrying out tasks to completion. I am a man of high integrity and honesty who values professionalism and ethical considerations. I work best under minimal or no supervision since I have an invaluable determination and self-driven attitude to achieve excellent results without any push. I have excellent interpersonal communication skills that are significant at coordinating and relating with other people involved in the management of financial operations.

By studying Bachelor of Science in Finance and Actuarial Science, I have gained advanced knowledge and understanding of various concepts such as Security Analysis, Financial Mathematics, Probability & Statistics, Stochastic Processes, Derivative Securities, Enterprise Valuation, Quantitative Analysis, Advanced Mathematics, and Multivariable Calculus. I have advanced knowledge of MS Excel including macros, pivot tables, and data visualization. I am also proficient in MS Access with invaluable skills in creating and modifying databases, tables, reports, queries, and forms. In addition to that, I have an excellent knowledge of computer languages such as Python, R, and Java.

In addition to that, I have a wide range of experience gained while working with various financial companies as indicated in my resume. While working at the Bank of China, I learned various skills such as Company online bank account management where I actively participated in logging in the new customer account and updating the old information in time. I also acquired excellent skills in auditing and verification of the bank or customer information according to the latest preferential. This includes the audit of the account deduction of customers one by one and reports the accounts with the abnormal balance to the leader of the business group. In addition to that, I also acquired negotiation skills by assisting the financial manager to negotiate with customers and be responsible for the early reception of customers. These skills put me in the forefront with hands-on experience required to work in your company. I believe that the professional skills and experience recorded above alongside my diligence and innovativeness would surely cause a great improvement in your company.

Finally, your company avails the most appropriate opportunities for graduates in Finance and Actuarial Science to turn their knowledge into practical skills and enhance the acquisition of complete professional experience in financial operations. I am very grateful for considering my application. I am looking forward to your sincere feedback. Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,


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