Essay Example: Exploring the Library

Published: 2019-05-16
Essay Example: Exploring the Library
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Library refers to an assortment of well documented resources that can be inform of books, journals, newspapers and other forms of information that can either be in print or non-print materials. In order to generateoratoricallyreal and appealing pieces, research writers and library users should be able to find varied and suitablebases and to assess those bases for helpfulness and reliability. This requires library user to have appropriate library skills that will make them to effectively use the library and obtain maximum benefits from it. It is amazing experience that I gathered in using the library since the different sections of the library has various resources that one must learn how to use this resource first.

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In fact it is necessary for researchers to collectpertinentevidence about thesubject or the investigation question carefully and proficiently. The formerhelps an individual to be acquainted with the categories of materials that the library houses and the facilities it delivers to allowadmission to the affluences of further libraries. Due to this experience, I came to realize why severalinexpertresearchers desire to use primarily journal or books they first glance in the library in aiding their research and therefore, they do not take their time to study what library has to offer for them

Specific resources that usually aid in the dissertation process were available in the library sections that I visited and the experience was so great since I had the opportunity to walk in to different parts of the library. The general circulation section holds several books in the library andit provides fulloverhaul to library regulators and compriseregistrationof freshpatrons, gettingreverted materials, loaning, and keeping of library books in a well-timed and precise way. Another area that I visited was the general reference section which contains reference books for example, handbooks, encyclopedia, and directories and reserve section containstextbooks and course-included readings. Periodical section has resources likeinclude magazines, newspapers, and journals, both current and past issues in bound volumes. Materials about the Philippines, written by Filipinos, published in the Philippines are shelved together in one are. American shelf is also special gathering of the library and housed distinctly from the overallmaterial collectionthe American shelf showsnumerous publications of the American culture, politics, and government. The multimedia collection area houses VHS tapes, CD-ROM files, slidesand internet access.

List of references resources in the library

Handbooks, Almanacs and yearbooks; are usually solitary volumes that reviews huge sums of ideas concerning organizations and people, historical and current proceedings, nations, data, and even common culture items.Biographical resources; this usually give short summary of an data about a person, fairly detailed information about a person, or references (citations) to other short or full-length biographies written about the person. Shortsum-ups are often present in factualthesauruses, but other factual resources and some encyclopedias contain furthercomprehensive information. Standard dictionaries; containswords arranged alphabetically and their meanings, though several important differences also categorized as dictionaries. Encyclopedias; has customarilygive completeinformation of the whole part of knowledge. Abstracts and indexes usually complement the library list. Library users usually come and check the key catalog, and then they deceptivelyadopt they have examined the whole library contents. Main catalog usually examine the presence of a periodical that is journal or magazine but not the contents.Government documents and statistics usually available unrestricted of exclusive rights and therefore, other producers do gather and catalogue them for use by researchers and other library users. Geographic information is usually contained in maps and atlases in the library. Another reference resource is bibliographies that do contain list of works which may include shorter work and books which aids in locating cradles where facts can actually be found.

Various search engines and databases that were found in the library included; gale databases that has the ability to search huge sum of database and carefully choose from it. Scholars portal journals are a search engine that majorly searches e-journals and bring them to immediate full text. Other search engines included ProQuest databases that searches twenty one databases in variety of topicwhile EBSCO databases has the capacity to search eleven databases in a variety of topic. Actually I came to realize that a well-equipped library has several resources that a library user a researcher can actually explore to obtain volumes of information that is so helpful to his subjects of research.

After visiting most sections in the library, a series of subject or area of interest could come to my mind thanks to the skills I gathered during my visit to the library. This could be narrowed until I come up with a research topic. For instance, Should teenagers in America assume the British tradition of captivating a gap year between secondary school and higher institution of learning? Should Creationism be educatedtogether with Evolution as a practicalphilosophy? Should summertimeholiday be abolished from the college year? Is artsteachingsignificant in basic schools? Actually there are a lot of research topic that I could imagine of but later in my professional studies I could be interested in pursuing this research topic, Should Creationism be educated alongside Evolution as a practical philosophy?

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