Free Essay on Experience in Clinical Practice

Published: 2022-11-21
Free Essay on Experience in Clinical Practice
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Having a competent clinical practice has been a valuable experience for me. It has made a significant impact on the way that I approach and manage care for patients. During my clinical practice, I have developed a good sense of patients and how I learn from the information provided by these patients (Benner, 2009). In this paper, I will focus on describing my experience in a clinical situation in a nursing home and how it assisted my clinical judgment. I will illustrate this experience and relate to how tanners model is vital to communication and facilitating information that motivates clinical judgment.

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In my first clinical practice, I was apportioned to provide nursing care to Mrs. Julie Newman, a wonderful woman with a great personality. I introduced myself to Mrs. Newman as a student nurse, and we engaged in a conversation about my studies and where I was in life. After spending some time with him, I noticed some extent of discomfort in one of the nursing procedures that she has previously undergone. When taking food, she would cough, and I informed my RN about the situation. My RN suggested that I keep a close watch on Mrs. Newman's condition and notify her of any changes (Douglas, 2014). After some time, I noticed Mrs. Newman having irregular breathing; my RN made her lie on her back and gave her some abdominal thrust. The abnormal breathing and coughing stopped, and the doctor took over care management.


Initially, in my conversation with Mrs. Newman, I noticed the expressions on her face as those for someone that was in pain. She was not even able to provide answers to some of my questions. To some of the questions I asked, she ignored them. I could notice that she was breathing heavy as I moved closer to her. As I tried to make her as comfortable as possible, she asked for some water, but she was not able to drink.


At this moment, I was able to understand that Mrs. Newman was not chewing her food properly. I interpreted this as the cause of all her problems. As we were watching television, he did not pay attention to the amount of food that she was taking. At this moment, I released that I needed to pay more attention to the way that Mrs. Newman ate. In my nursing experience, I have always maintained high vigilance to matters involving the intake of food for patients. I always take extra caution when handling such cases.


After noticing that Mrs. Newman had discomfort, I immediately asked her how she felt and got in touch with my RN. At this time I provided extra protection by handling her with both of my arms. I made sure she was comfortable in her chair my RN was already at the scene. I informed my RN mentor about the vital signs of Mrs. Newman and gave her my reading.


Since my RN mentor had a lot of experience in handling such situations, her actions greatly helped Mrs. Newman. My RN mentor asked me to handle the situation calmly and in a professional manner. Mrs. Newman was made to lie on the side and was given some backslaps and abdominal thrust which made her cough anything that was left in her mouth. Mrs. Newman after that regained consciousness.

From this experience, I learned the significance of tanner's model in handling clinical situations. For this specific occurrence, I learned how vital; strong analytical skills are relevant to nursing practice on how they motivate success in handling clinical cases (Alfaro-Lefevre, 2016). This reflection, therefore, made me learn to maintain strong verbal and written communication skills and help develop exceptional interpersonal communication skills.


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