Paper Example on Evidence-Based Analysis (CT)

Published: 2023-02-15
Paper Example on Evidence-Based Analysis (CT)
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This section aims to provide a SWOT analysis which is useful in investigating the competitive advantage of the company

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  1. Innovative products: the company designs several travel packages that are affordable and guarantee customer satisfaction.
  2. Research and Development: Perth Tours WA 's marketing team works hard to design unique products.
  3. Multicultural guides: Perth Tours WA offers numerous travel packages that serve different cultures throughout the world
  4. Strong Australia awareness: The company has greatly dominated the Australia market since its products correspond to the Australian market


  1. High price- The company offers their products at a higher price in comparison to a significant number of its competitors.
  2. Lack of diversity: Perth Tours WA do not many travel packages and hence this may affect their revenue production.
  3. Opportunities
  4. Online Market: Perth Tours WA should take advantage of online platforms like social media to reach more consumers
  5. Improving the Product: Perth Tours WA should improve its products by adding more features that will guarantee customer satisfaction.
  6. Overseas Market: Perth Tours WA should advance its market to include global markets to increase their revenue over the long-term


  1. Market fluctuation: The demand and supply of the luxury market in Australia and abroad keep changing which is a threat to the firm
  2. Tough Competitors: Perth Tours WA operates in an industry having strong competitors which is a threat to the firm.

Marketing Objectives

Target Markets and Segmentation

The targeted market for the company is both men and women who are over the age of 25. The company focuses on consumers who value travelling and those who love to know different cultures.


The 4Ps include place, promotion, product, and price. In terms of price, the company aims to sell their travel packages that correspond to the price. The focus on quality and value will help Perth Tours WA to design and create a product that will satisfy the consumers' needs. In terms of product, Perth Tours WA aims to increase innovation and produce a unique and top-quality product that will meet the customers' preferences and tastes. For promotion, Perth Tours WA aims to explain their travel packages and why it is important for them to acquire it. For place, Perth Tours WA has already established online and physical presence and hence they can effectively carry out their distribution strategies.

  • Marketing strategies
  • Product strategies
  • Branding Positioning

Perth Tours WA's should use a differentiation strategy to create a superior and unique brand of day tours and travel packages. The selection of Japan as the country where they will spread their business is a good opportunity for them to increase their popularity and connect more people to attend holidays in Japan

Product Design & Development

Due to the pricy nature of tours and travel holidays, Perth Tours WA should utilize a differentiation strategy to make them more competitive. The good business environment in Japan will help the firm to have high margins and this will help them to have a high net profit.

  • Pricing strategies
  • Price Structures
  • Perth Tours WA should use the profitability pricing method to set their travel packages...

Profit Margins

Perth Tours WA should improve its scalability in to ensure they can successfully operate in the new market industry. By operating in many countries like Japan, they are able to reduce cost margins which they will help to reduce the prices of travel packages.

Placement Strategies:

  • Distribution channels

A friendly business environment in Japan, the host government, will help to improve the current distribution channels and also their destination areas.

  • Location of outlets

The success of the marketing activities of Perth Tours WA 's tours and travel packages depends on the destination spots, quality, and popularity among its consumers.

Promotion Strategies

Perth Tours WA should use an advertisement, sales promotion, personal selling, and publicity to promote their day tours and travel packages in Japan.

By entering Japan, Perth Tours WA can readily access the markets in Japan and surrounding Asian countries. This market access will help the company to improve the quality and destination areas and this will improve its reputation which will then lead to positive media-consumer relationships.


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