Essay Sample Describing Employees Engagement in Patient Experience

Published: 2022-04-14 06:58:10
Essay Sample Describing Employees Engagement in Patient Experience
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The mission of every healthcare organization is quality service to their patients mostly at vulnerable times of their lives. The ability to deliver quality healthcare services is extremely critical for organizational reputation. Both patient and employee's engagement is an increasingly important component strategy in healthcare reformation. Managers would like to know and employ strategies to get the best out of their employees and to the entire staff's body, at the same time enhancing their safety and wellbeing and the culture of engagement (Rosa, 2017). The fact remains that organizational commitments, job satisfaction, turnover intentions, innovations, and productivity are good predictors of the critical outcome in an organization outcomes such as productivity and innovations. The same is true for the healthcare services where the employee's attitude is likely to affect patient's quality experience.

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The concept of employee's engagements directly links to the impacts and service and healthcare productivity within the organization.The management expects every employee within the organization to show initiative and be able to take responsibilities for their actions and moves in line with the premise vision and policies (Bulkapuram, Wundavalli, Avula, &Reddy, 2015). Human resources healthcare facilities are among the most available components that need thorough exploitation. Assessment of the employee's performance and engagements are fundamentally crucial to be able to deliver quality and timely healthcare services.On the other sides, however, patients experience involves the possible interactions of the that patients have with the healthcare facilities including the healthcare plans, doctors, nurses, doctors and other staffs members in the hospital (Bulkapuram, Wundavalli, Avula, &Reddy, 2015). As the integral positive components quality in healthcare services, patients experiences includes various aspects of healthcare delivery that patients tend to consider when seeking healthcare services highly. Such services include timely appointments, good communications, and easy information accessibility.

Background of the Study

The major obstacle to employee's engagement in patient's experience includes lack of corporation, goodwill and poor communication strategies among the employees, staffs and the healthcare management. Employee participation is becoming a major priority in the healthcare sectors worldwide based on the recent worldwide hearings across diverse healthcare facilities (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, n.d.) On the same note, patients experience include the quality care safety and great customers relations and service quality something that lacks in certain healthcare facilities yet it should be the greatest priority at health sectors both in Saudi Arabia and any other countries in the world (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, n.d.). Surprisingly, the trend continuous wherein individual patients view it as the top three priority in most of the healthcare system across the continent. The big theme every year is on strategies that need to be in place to enhance proper patience experience about nature and service quality they expect.

Low employee engagements are an organizational killer that deters goals and positive achievements of the results. In most cases, putting the interests of the employees and making them feel that they are part of an organization will always motivate them to cover the success of the firm from every angle and dimension. According to Gallup report, 30% of the total employees in the workforce that feels engaged in the organizational running (Gallup, 2018). The notion that engagement is driven by bad or good management is outdated and misleading. Today, almost every employees in the workplace more so in the healthcare facilities are looking for every reason for belonging and to be part of the organization. Besides, they feel that they are part of something much bigger than their actual responsibilities.

Problem Statement

Currently, there is ample research about the benefits of employee's engagements and patients experience in the healthcare facilities both in the developed and in the developing countries. As it has been, the term employee's satisfaction and patient experience are interchangeably used, yet they do not mean the same thing (Catalyst, 2017).Consequently, it is much clear that healthcare organization and hospitals have a good understanding and they recognize the importance and benefits of taking care of their patients and the staff's body.

Doctors and nurses including other health care professionals endure a hard time of abnormal stress in taking care of the patients putting in use the current equipment's following the rapid technological advancements and multiple patient's demands of patient's comforts and safety. Catalyst, (2017) affirms that employees face difficulties with high workloads in achieving their operational goals and mission with almost little time left to attend to their families, friend, and relatives. The safety of the patients is an essential segment of the culture. The development of a culture that serves the patients better should be a priority for the organization. The culture of patient safety serves to ensure that the employees remain focused on their work. Employees just like any other individuals deserve a much better safety and security given by the organizational management. There is no doubt that most healthcare facilities performs poorly due to failure to abide by the laws on labour relations and staffs managements. The employees are responsible for the high-quality performance standards expected by their clients. The modern organizations require employees that feel dedicated to the services that they offer in the long-term. Patients on the other side will continue to play their role if their behaviors and characters do not interfere with the healthcare operations. Some individuals have always mistreated patients while giving their service. Patients as the main clients of the healthcare facilities need to get proper care and attention from the way you communicate with them and how you handle them. Just like any other human beings, it is their right to get quality service (Aces Research Paper, 2014). The experience can either build or destroy depending on the service accorded to them. It is not a point of doubt that the employees take the better part of the organizational role. Just from the policies and goals implementations, the healthcare relies on the doctors and nurses to discharge their mandated roles to spearhead the schedules and daily plans with the goodwill of both the management and the clients.

Research Questions

Employee engagement is not the only term that can be used in describing the positive attitude of various healthcare employees. Some of the common terms used include organizational responsible behaviours and employees commitments. Employee's commitments and patients experience drive several research questions that an individual may be interested in learning and understanding the better criteria employed in making such a decision. Some of the possible research questions include the role and importance of employee engagement in the workplace and some of the possible factors that contribute to positive relations between patients, employees and the healthcare management. Importantly, as the companies and organizations emergence from the familiar necessary economic climate, they tend to invest more of the needs positive group and not on cost production (In sync Surveys, 2012). On the other sides, patients, patients would always wish to have a good experience of contacts while in the healthcare facilities. Therefore, the big question that people tends to ask surrounds on the nature and quality of service and the patient experience.

Notably, the experience keeps on varying from one health facility to the next depending on the management and the employees who are in charge of the patients as a whole (In sync Surveys, 2012). Other questions about the employee's engagement include how employee's engagements help in maximizing the organizational investments on human capital and productivity improvements. It is important to note that, engagement is not just a warm thing as some individuals may think, but it is one of the hardest and difficult decision to make in human resource management (Harvard Business Review,2013). It involves giving employees the necessary tools that they need to succeed in achieving the organizational needs and meet the set policies and standards.

How efficient are the quantitative studies to challenge the notion of if using employee's engagement as the social indicators for the healthcare success and improved performance? Consequently, the research at the end tends to give a precise explanation of the employee's engagements and the staff's performance outcome. As it has always been, the staffs are the key drivers of the organizational performance (Harvard Business Review, 2013).Treating them with the kind of respect, they deserve and make them feel cared for and belonging to be part of the healthcare organization would always motivate them to give their best as far as the productivity is expected.

Research Objectives

While there is a lot of work that needs to be done to improve and accomplish employee's engagements, some cultural norms tend to negate the positive notion on the importance of employee engagements, and the patients experience especially on the quality of medical service they get (Schroaders, n.d.). The paper seeks to give valid answers to several underlying issues that are unclear on the concept of engaging the staff as well as on the patient's experience (Haydon, 2013). Moreover, in synthesizing the research objectives, it comes clear that employee engagement plays a critical role when it comes to building a company's reputation and image. The worst challenge would always come when deciding on engaging the employees on reward basis. The benefits should be awarded without favor or external influence from anybody. One of the greatest benefits of engaging employees is that it does not need any extra policies except on the existing ones. Assuming patients demands is the worst thing healthcare can do to ruin their reputation. Both employee and patients takes the better part of the healthcare operational activities. They act as the organizational ambassadors in selling the name and the brands of the firm (Haydon, 2013). Conversely, any attempt to disengaged employees within the healthcare facilities may result in a poor public relations nightmare. For instance, in the case of Walmart business when it was reported that the management was so unkind to the employees regarding how they treated them, staffs were discouraged from selling the good name of the firms, likewise to the healthcare facilities.

Dealing with patients experience as stated early at the beginning of the work, they have possessed different on various underlying issues depending on their status or emotions. Some patients would prefer giving negative feedback even if in a real sense, they receive better services. There is no doubt that patients experience plays an important role in the healthcare organizations (Haydon, 2013). It matters for all individuals who are cared for and to those offering their services such as the doctors, nurse and the entire healthcare body. When addressing the concept of patient's experience, it reflects a much wider range and concept than just what other individuals would think (Impraise, n.d.). The paper also seeks to find out how engaging employees within the organization makes them develop a sense of belonging to offer their service as expected of them. For the patients, how the health facilitie...

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