Heat Transfer, Free Essay in Chemistry

Published: 2022-03-01
Heat Transfer, Free Essay in Chemistry
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In both of the equations, the Q mainly represents the heat flux. On the other hand e is the emmisivity which can be simply defined as the unity for example in a black body. 'o' is Stefan - Boltzman's main constant. T acts as the absolute temperature to the equation. This is mostly measured in terms of kelvins or even degrees. The only way that one can get to notice radiation is when there are objects with a high level of temperature difference (James 23). This is because it is easy for heat to transfer between the two objects. Additionally, the method of heat transfer can be tested on objects with extremely high temperatures since the temperature or heat transfer is getting tested in a vacuum.

One of the main advantages of radiation is the fact that one can obtain a lot from the sun since they can access heat or power through the sun. Radiation bears a very distinct difference between radiation and conduction. Apparently, for radiations case, it can be concentrated into a single spot (James 34). This can mainly be done through the use of a number mirrors. This is the same technology used behind the production of power through solar energy. In a real life experience, when the sun rays are directed towards a solar power tower, heat is generated. For instance when one uses a PS10 they can heat water up to a total of 5450F/2850c.

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q = s T4 A (1)


q = heat transfer per unit time (W)

s = 5.6703 10-8 (W/m2K4) - The Stefan-Boltzmann Constant

T = absolute temperature in Kelvin (K)

A = area of the emitting body (m2)

The Stefan-Boltzmann Constant in Imperial Units

s = 5.6703 10-8 (W/m2K4)

= 1.714 10-9 ( Btu/(h ft2 oR4) )

= 1.19 10-11 ( Btu/(h in2 oR4) )

Works Cited

James, Huddersfield. Heat Transfer. New York: American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2015. Print.

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