Essay Sample Describing the Case Study in Paris: The OFIS Female Hostels

Published: 2022-03-14
Essay Sample Describing the Case Study in Paris: The OFIS Female Hostels
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OFIS Architects have been credited with the Paris dormitory projects and many other masterpieces such as the Maribor stadium and the beautiful Ljubljana city. Many of OFIS projects are first conceptualized then developed as modern real-estate concepts rather than on client approval and demand. This paper assesses the design and culture behind the magnificent facilities found in Paris that exude OFIS architecture (Mateo, 2008). French designers have inherently mastered the art and design to make the dream accommodation facilities for chic and elegant college students. The project that began in Paris has been adopted in many other cities not only in France but also all over the world.

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Research for Female Hostels

Female hostels are accommodation facilities for women who are in a learning institution and need boarding services. The school must come up with a concrete design, which has the modern ideologies incorporated in the hostels so that it can attract the attention of residents. In addition, people will be willing and able to spend significant amounts so that they can occupy the prestigious hostels.

Project Definition

The design and architecture of female hostel projects exude the allure of beauty and perfection in interior design. The idea to have a construction that supports the different unique anticipations and expectations of the feminine gender is not only noble but also complicated.

Project Goals

To find out the designs incorporated in architecture constructions

To identify the architectural designs adopted in various projects

To identify the magnificent ideas architectures use on buildings

Project Overview and Historical Review

The OFIS female hostels comprise fully furnished rooms with accommodation options for single and double rooms. It was an OFIS Architects project launched in 2008. The furniture setting as well as the other components of the interior design obfuscates the complexity and simplicity of modern architecture. The buildings are well organized and shaped like stacked rooms in asymmetrically beautiful patterns. The hostels comprise several facilities such as swimming pools, studios, study rooms as well as common kitchen areas. Each building has a signature look with unprecedented floor plan arrangements and a neat spacing structure. The art used on the building as well as the exterior environment design is aimed at ensuring little power consumption and a healthy study area at an affordable cost. The project has since its inception in 2008 expanded to other phases in 2010, 2011 and 2012, all with environmentally friendly real-estate solutions (Wattanasaroch, et al., 2012).

Project Design

Concept and Philosophy

The concept and philosophy behind the female hostels, which are accommodation project, was the need to ensure a green environment for student accommodation, recreation, and study. However, the architects added in the component of French architecture and the allure of the city life. Generally, each hostel has about five floors with each floor accommodating a room capacity of 24 hostel double rooms. Single room floors can accommodate 20 guests, each with an ensuite room. The floors with single rooms are less (about 2) and are designed differently as well (Adewunmi, et al., 2011). The interior color designs were uniquely different for every room, with animal themes and the environmental themes taking precedence. The outcome was a lash marvel of comfortable yet affordable beauty (Igic, et al., 2013).


The first phase of the project is to design environmentally friendly structures with the allure of the city life. The next phase involves the construction of the structures as plant life is grown on floor shelves and designated areas. The final step is to include the interior decorations with the help of artists from OFIS and hired interior designers as well. The concept of smart cities is incorporated in the plant matter grown within the environment of most buildings. The art however is the most striking feature of the designs. Thanks to the intricately beautiful art patterns, the city shines, and glimmers. They can be arguably termed colloquially as; OFIS architecture and art (Krasic, Pejic, & Cvetkovic, 2013).


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