What on Earth Am I Here For - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-04-01
What on Earth Am I Here For - Essay Sample
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Life on earth tends to entail social downfalls, which differ from the Godly teachings regarding the values of life. For example, my life on earth entails a significant level of increased individualism, where I tend to love myself so much while ignoring the values of God about loving others like thyself. For this reason, people tend to value their privacy, property, life, as well as personal belongings without minding their neighbors (White & Kirkpatrick, 2020). Furthermore, I tend to believe in my efforts, education, power, government, as well as wealth rather than in God. Due to the trust in earthly things, humankind has been fighting with different human-made calamities such as wars, crimes, as well as poverty. However, people tend to forget that God is not haphazard as He planned and created everything with a greater precision better than all the physicists, biologists, and all the scientists can do (Warren, 2004). Therefore, human beings have fallen into ungodly values, such as corruption, dishonesty, theft, adultery; thus, acting against the teachings of the Bible.

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Before reading the devotional text, everything in life seemed normal and on the right track. However, after reading the text, I started to become more convinced that something is wrong in the way modern life is being conducted. It was unique to me that the life we enjoy on earth is a 'seasonal/temporary' life, whereby we are expected to fulfill the main purpose of life according to God. I believed that without doing crime, I was fit as a child of God. However, the context herein changes the meaning of 'being a child of God' to doing all that the Bible teaches. As illustrated by Warren (2004), human values have fallen short of God's values and intentions. For instance, understanding the love of God and extending it to other people is a significant component of understanding the purpose of life. Furthermore, the acceptance of Jesus and his salvation brings humanity closest to God. People become 'God's people' by the grace of accepting the salvation of Jesus Christ (Sener, 2020).

From what I learned, I am now in a better position to love God and others better. Loving God entails a state of the mind, heart, and soul, as expressed in the Bible. In this manner, loving God would involve the coordination of the mind, soul, and heart to love his values such as chastity, honesty, as well as believing only in Him (Sener, 2020). Therefore, one can show love to God by accepting the salvation of Jesus and being guided by the Holy Spirit. Again, one would show love to God by acting according to his commandments. Through loving God, one will allow the Holy Spirit to control his thoughts and character to develop valuable morals that are in accordance with God's will (Warren, 2004). Showing love to God goes hand in hand with showing love for his people. Therefore, one can show love to others by helping them without discrimination. The love for the others can be indicated by helping those in need, such as the power, the widows, the sick as well as anybody in need of help. Therefore, I can show love to other people by taking care of the factors that affect the lives of others. For instance, taking responsibility for taking care of the environment would indicate love to others. One can also show love to others by participating in mediations and development of peace and tranquility.

Understanding that life on earth is a temporary assignment changes the mindset as well as behavior and psychology such that a person lives according to God's plan (Sener, 2020). Such an understanding would make me change the behaviors and develop morals that are more conscious of eternal life. The shift in character would also bring about variations in the selection of friends, leisure activities, as well as decision making. Furthermore, the relationship between a person and the others may be changed after the realization of life on earth as a temporary assignment (Warren, 2004). I would avoid going to places that do not reflect the purpose of eternal life. Therefore, my spiritual life may change; where I would become more prayerful and believe that there is a season for everything, and God is the controller and giver of those seasons.


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