Domino's Pizza Essay Example

Published: 2022-03-11
Domino's Pizza Essay Example
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Domino's Pizza ("We'll deliver in 30 minutes" guarantee):

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The services and products offered at Domino's pizza are intended to be customer-friendly and meet the customers' demands. The product of the company has to be distinct from what other competing companies are offering in the market; the difference in the products sold by the company will be regarding the brand, packaging, taste, and quality. The company has also set a guarantee of keeping time while delivering the pizza on order. Providing the product within the least time possible will earn the company more customers and thus increase the sales of the company. The company is set as a guarantee to establish a cell phone number through which the orders can be made for the deliveries and during cases of delay.

Arguments for no time guarantee Arguments for or modified guarantee

Last minute deliveries are not

Domino pizza's goal, they are very costly in the end. As a guarantee to the consumers and trusted customers of Domino's pizza, fast delivery will be more efficient.

Having the wrong working group for the job will eventually lead to thederailing of the selling activities of Domino's which will be bad news for the company's image. Employing competent individuals as salespersons should be able to make the delivery to the customers more efficient and on time.

Marketing is an important strategy to beat the competition in the market. Lacking best advertising campaign mechanisms limit the sales of the company's product leaving the accumulation of the competitors. Establishing the best advertising campaigns by using the salespersons as the media of relaying information to the public to attract more potential customers.

Harsh marketing conditions can force a company's product out of the market leading to a delay in the transportation and delivery of Domino's pizza. The company is set towards engaging in favorable competition within the market despite the harsh market conditions set to bring down the company.

Dealing with interpersonal skills has been a hard task to go around based on the fact that the people working at the company are all adults, not ready to be advised about how they can agreeably interact with customers. Domino is ensuring that all the employees have the necessary required interaction and social values for them to market the products sold by the company.

High incurring of costs due to inaccessibility to modern equipment slows down the mechanism through which goods get to reach the consumers. Ultimately, with Domino having all the latest modernized equipment in producing its goods and services, customers are expected to enjoy on-time deliveries.

Poor storage is a big problem for competing companies and the goods produced in such environments are always vulnerable and highly perishable and harmful for customer consumption. 7.The management of Domino's pizza is presently purchasing all the best storage facilities to leave out the worries of goods expiring before reaching the final target.

Not meeting the regulatory standards and requirements set out by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food Drug Administration (FDA) is a definite closure of abusiness that deals with producing human foodstuffs. 8.The advocates of Domino's have taken it upon themselves to ensure that the company meets all the legal and regulatory system requirements while operating within the jurisdiction of the country.

Flexibility being a component of a successful business is missing as observed in the no time guarantee situation. 9.Domino's pizza has made its employees including the management conversant with the market condition and quickly adjust where they feel they are not meeting the standards of flexibility.

Workers with no intrinsic motivation lead to a downfall of business unless their thoughts towards making the operations of the company successful are intrigued. 10.At Domino's, the employees are always motivated based on how they sell and market the products of the company. This motivation creates an inner driving force that stimulates the working spirit of the workers; that despite the competition between them, they still have to retain the image of the company.

Poor transportation means and incompetent drivers slow down the time which the customers get access to their desired products. 11.Trucks, vans, and motorbikes have been purchased at Domino's to transport the company's product to its customers within the shortest time possible. The customers are enjoying the Dial a Delivery (DAD) means set by the company for orders.

The culture of the people in the surrounding community determines how well a product can be sold within the locality where it is set. 12.Employing the people from the region where Domino's is located has made it have many prospective aspects regarding adopting the culture of the surrounding community. The familiarization with the people around the vicinity has thus led to proper customer reliance and reach-outs.

The relationship between the management and the employees holding many companies at stake when it comes to production hinders progression within the company. 13.Domino's management actively allows participation of the employees in making the decisions of the company regarding production and sales of goods and services.


Domino's aim of making the best out of the market regarding sales of its products and services to its potential customers requires a lot of things to be put in place. Time as a matter of concern makes the whole production process effective and non-costly when it is kept (Liu, Yuhong, Chengbo Li, and Wei Liu 42). All the mechanisms which can help keep the modified guarantee should be warranted for to help the company deliver its orders promptly to its consumers. The cooperation and complete liaising between the management and the employees will make the company be able to realize its set goals and facilitate the manner through which the customers are reached out for sales.

Any potentialities derailing the focus of the company towards meeting the customers' demands should be cut for a better future of the company (Menon, Anil, et al.). Domino's should realize the fact that the world's economic environment is changing to "a global village," and this requires that one remains steadfast is accessing all the new developments in the market regarding technology for one to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors. The mandatory requirements need to be kept at stake while pursuing the objectives of the company to prevent it from being closed as a result of the violation of any legal or regulatory requirements. The quality of goods matters even if time is the absolute guarantee of Domino's. Bad quality products put the marketing and selling mechanisms of the company in jeopardy as they are results of deaths among people who consume these products (Meyer, David, et al. 19)

Part II: Sample Ethical Relations Analysis

You are: Mark Stewart, CEO, Domino's Pizza

We are JLM Ethics Consultant, Inc.

Background: You have asked us to find out if Domino's should keep its policies and guarantee of maintaining time delivery or if this system should be brought down as a result of the many lives put at stake due to the "fast delivery" of products.

In the following table, the comments that the management and other stakeholders of the company have with regards to either keeping or writing off the guarantee are highlighted; through which a decision will be arrived at by thoroughly thinking about the reasons.

Option A-End the GuaranteeOption B-Sustain the Guarantee

Drivers "We are often required to work under pressure; we do not get enough rest as we are required, this puts a lot of people at risk because of the stress we go through for fast deliveries." "We feel that the DAD system is the best marketable approach the company needs to implement for an efficient sales production and profitability realization."

Franchisees "We have ensured that all the legal requirements appertaining to the operations of the company have been met,but it still seems that the regulatory checks will not allow us anymore with our set policies." "In as much as there are strict regulations in the market limiting the company's operations, our department is set to look for a proper approach that allows the company to continue under its current system of operation."

Human Resources Managers "A lot of the company's dealings are derailed, and the company no longer has focused on its relationshipwith the community or even within its management and employees' relation system. It is essential to have a properly guided approach that aims at sustaining good consumer relations including better communication systems within the company." "If the company is willing to change the manner through which the diverse aspects of interpersonal relations within and outside the jurisdiction of the company, then the guarantee is good to go; but only if the demands and needs are met..."

Potential Outside Investors "Dealing with many cases resulted from fast delivery has cost us a big lot, it might be too much for us soon." "Whatever it takes to cut-down the risks involved in pursuing this guarantee should be upheld for the better of the company."

Our evaluation: All the parties involved in giving out the comments as per the table have more to offer with regards to the ending and sustenance of the guarantee that Domino is setting out.

Our reasoning: The drivers will be better addressed by being allowed some allowances while on duty. The HR managers should keep tabs on how well they can ensure that the company's goals are met with regards to the involvement of the public, the management, and the employees. On the other hand, the franchisees should be in a better position to see to it that all the mandatory requirements are upheld for the limited operation of the company. Keeping the potential outside investors in check will earn Domino's sustainable growth in the market.

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