Essay Sample on Special Qualities of a Teacher

Published: 2018-01-13
Essay Sample on Special Qualities of a Teacher
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I find it special that I can relate to people positively. It doesn't take much time after my first meeting with a person to form that bond that makes either party feel appreciated and respected. I can create some form of belief and security, trust and fondness between myself and the new people I meet which I consider not common to many people. I always break boundaries and defy odds to ensure that before I am comfortable, the people around me are twice as comfortable as I would be. Nothing makes me happier than seeing smiles on people's faces and would do all that it takes and go to whatever length to ensure that the smiles are always maintained even if it would cost mine to create theirs. It's always my greatest desire to uphold humanity and ensure that everybody is accorded the same humane treatment that they deserve.

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I am a lively person who likes engaging my audience. As a teacher, this quality is paramount in ensuring that you grab the attention of your listeners and maintain it over time to enable them grasp as much as they can. My engagement with people makes them less bored and more interested in what I have to pass across.

My passion for children and the urge to see them transform into outstanding individuals is a quality that puts me in check and ensures that I give the best of whatever I have to offer. I am always as patient with people as to understand that every person is different from the other. The two qualities combined, I believe, will make me a teacher of repute as they will create a relationship conducive for the dissemination of knowledge and exchange of ideas.

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