Free Essay Example: Ethical Concerns in Human Services

Published: 2022-09-12
Free Essay Example: Ethical Concerns in Human Services
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Human services is a field that as the objective of handling human needs using interdisciplinary knowledge which focuses on remediation and prevention of problems that could face humanity. Human service is committed to the overall improvement of the quality of service to the population. The knowledge base qualifies individuals into human service profession, which work to ensure there is improved service delivery to the population. In the process of providing these services, human service professionals have the ethics of the profession that promotes and enhance their professional growth.

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Working as a social service aide is what I intend to be after completion of my studies. As a social service officer, I will be working to support families, assist clients in ascertaining and obtaining available community and social services. Working under a community development agency, I will assist the social workers to develop and conduct programs that will prevent problems such as substance abuse and assist in rehabilitating those affected by substance abuse. On a day to day, I will work to provide relevant information to social workers, public and private agencies on services available from the community development agency. I will keep records and prepare reports concerning client's visits and services rendered to them.

As a professional social worker, I will adopt the code of ethics so that I can provide services to the clients as per standards set. Some ethics guides the client-worker relationship. The relationship between a worker and a client has many ethical issues, which needs guidelines. Codes of ethics maintain respect, privacy, negotiation, and informed client consent (Code of ethics, 1994). As a supervisor, I will ensure that all workers respect client's confidentiality and inquire only necessary information for them to receive services. The code of ethics ensure that there is respect to the imbalance of power in the worker-worker relationship. Another ethical issue is the ethical practice that requires workers to place service to the clients as a priority. As a professional, an individual should ensure that they follow laws and adhere to employer policies of service. A social worker must advocate for clients community empowerment and social justices.

Management has a responsibility of making sure that ethical standards are followed. There are ways to promote ethical conduct among the employee. Training employee on the company's ethics is significant. The training should be done regularly for an employee to understand what the company expects of them in the line of duty (McLaverty and McKee, 2016). Rewarding ethical behavior is another way of promoting ethics. The company should provide rewards to any employee showing solid ethical behavior. The many time's employees are rewarded for a good ethical behavior, the more likely for the rest to act ethically. Finally leading by example as management will make the rest of the employee to follow suit. As a manager, an individual should maintain a recommendable level of standard for them to be credible when the pass out information to the junior employees (McLaverty and McKee, 2016). When everyone is working on the same goal, there is more likely that everybody will adopt the high ethical standard.

Challenges such as multiculturalism and diversity accompany ethical management. The employees and the clients come from different communities with different diversities making difficult to integrate. This is where professionalism is employed, and knowledge on the multicultural understanding process is stressed to be able to overcome the challenge. There is an issue with the informed consent and confidentiality of the client's information. Some employee might end up not keeping the privacy of the client, which may cause embarrassment to the client. The employee should be strictly encouraged to keep the ethics of confidentiality and ensure information remains with the relevant parties only. Service delivery can great the issue of interest. Some employees may not put the interest of the clients at heart and may end up rendering poor services. All employees are encouraged to exercise professionalism and put the interest of giving service to the clients to be a mission priority.


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