Personal Essay Example: The Remembered Night

Published: 2019-05-16
Personal Essay Example: The Remembered Night
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In life, time passes by so fast that all we have are memories of events that happened in our life. Living life, everybody has memories of something that happened, some are bad and, of course, some are good. However, we keep these events in our reminiscences since some of them had a solemn impact in our life. Anything that has either changed our thought about something or has shown us a different view of life in general always remains to be remembered for the rest of our lives. Whatever it is, it is of great importance that our minds are still thinking about it until this very day. I have plenty of memories that I can remember that remain viable in my mind. While some are extremely useful and most of them are great, all of them have helped me in one way or another. One memory that has been with me for a very long time and probably going to be with me for the rest of my life is the first time I made love.

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I was about 15 years and a half, almost 16 years of age. I was clean, caring, and a respectful young man. I have always been the quiet and innocent type of boy who does not get into trouble frequently. However, in a situation where I was in a problem, it always shocked everyone since it was not expected of me. I was very active in the community and helped out people around within my capability. From picking up trash around the city to helping with sporting events, I was that boy who everybody loved. Academically, I was not the brightest but I was good enough to squeeze through from year to year. My strength was sports, and every activity I participated, I had to be the top. In its pure meaning, I always gave the opponents a head start. Everything happened as expected since I was focused and put the effort in everything that I did. To be honest, I have never been failure despite the fact that I was not topping my class. Everything was running so smooth until I hit that age. The age at which people start to admire the opposite sexes and work hard to woo them.

At age 16, I was able to get my license and was I fortunate enough to get a car for myself. In normal situations, most high school students drive an old car or cars that were not for their generation. However, this was not in my case. I got a decent new car that looked fresh and clean. With all the distractions I was already having, I got a car that was going to cause star and create the needed attention. I became this guy who everybody loved his company. I Started ditching school, hanging out late, getting into fights, and even at times I was considered a bully.

It all went down so fast; I did not even see it coming. Soon enough, I found that girl, the lady who caught my attention and was always on my mind from the morning when I woke up to that very moment I went to sleep. Nothing else mattered to me at the time but to have this girl by my side 24 hours a day. She was pretty, very smart and had a great mindset on what she wanted to do in life. Probably that the woman I have ever needed in my entire life. She seemed to have everything right about herself and to me that was my dream lady. Academically, she was gifted. To her, nothing was more important than getting that letter grade that was going to bring her a step closer to her dream.

As time passed, we both grew closer. It seemed as we would not survive, and life would not continue without having each other side by side (at least I thought). Everything seemed perfect. We both got real and comfortable with one another, but we did not think about the next chapter in our relationship. The majority of the people that were we hanging out with were already experiencing their sexual times. I was ready for sex too; I wanted to move to the next chapter. I was experiencing the feeling of making love with her, and my mind could not be distracted. However, I promised her that I would never force her to do anything without her precise and definite concert.

Our junior year in high school was coming to an end, and all the friends wanted to do a get together a party to end it with a bang. I remembered that night as if it was the last night. The weather was getting warm, warm enough that encouraged ladies to wear their sexiest outfits that evening. Everyone came with the intention of having fun, including my girlfriend. We danced, we sang, we kissed, we ate and did everything that anybody would call enjoyment. As the party came to an end, not all of us were satisfied. It is for that reason that we went to party again in a local lake. We hoped in my car and started heading to the lake. While driving there, my girlfriend and I had an extremely deep conversation. With soft music playing in the background from my car, everything seemed to be in place.

I started feeling nervous and even a bit shy thinking about what is about to happen. It was a perfect night; the moon was up nice and bright, the stars shining beautifully above us. I stopped my car on the side of a neighborhood park, and we started starring at each other. She asked, why did you stop, are we not going to the park? I looked at her and said nothing. At that time, I felt my palms getting sweaty, my legs shaking and my mind was running 100 miles an hour. I started moving in, getting closer to her and placed my hand on her lap. She looked at me and seemed a little uncomfortable and nervous. I placed my lips up against hers, then to her neck, and behind her ear. After a long night of dancing and sweating, I know it was not the best idea to do it. Cars were approaching us occasionally, but they could not notice anything since my windows were tinted dark. I stopped and began taking off her clothes. As I was in process, she stopped me and asked are you sure you want to do this? I did not reply but continued. I got the shirt off with no problems and enhanced my confidence immensely high. It was becoming hot, so I decided to stop and start my engine to get cold air from the cars air conditioner. I hopped back into the driver seat and fired up my car, then the air conditioner. I went right back at her and went directly to her bra strap. This was when I got it a little embarrassing. I struggled trying to take off her bra strap. I could feel the intensity rising from my body, and the heat scourging from my feet to my head. I took multiple attempts to get that bra off but no luck. With a never give up attitude, but dishearten, I asked her to sit forward as I gave my last attempted at taking the strap off. I took a deep breath and looked up at the moon through my sunroof and prayed, this attempt is either going to make it or break it. I clenched my fingers together and went for it. It was struggling again, I squeezed, I pulled, I even moaned a little and then click, and it came off. I looked up with a sign of relieve, and even though I was mentally drained, I was no physically done since it was one step to go.

I grasp her chest, and she moaned. I began to move toward her especially her behind the area, and it got more intimate than I expected. I started taking off my clothes. Honestly, I did believe this was actually happening since so much was going through my mind at the time, I did not know where to begin. I did not care anymore about all the cars coming by our way, or we were going to get in trouble if we got caught. All that mattered to me at that very moment was getting to experience the sensation of making love.

After we had been both undressed, I started to make my move. She looked at me with irresolute looks and asked me you have a condom right? I was in a hurry that I totally forgot about it. I reached over to one of my compartment in the car, and got a condom out and began to put it on. My first attempt was not the greatest one; I had it on backwards and had to turn it around. Once the condom was on, I was ready again. For this the first time for both of us, we were very curious about how it was going to be like. I was scared because I did not want to get her pregnant and have to be a parent at a tender age. Everything was flashing through my head as I was going to experience sex.

Just before you know it, I was in her. I was actually experiencing sex for the first time. I will have to admit, it was one of the best feelings I have ever had in my life. At first, I penetrated slowly because she was in pain. Cars still rushing by, beautiful music playing in the background, and the air condition on full blast, everything seemed well as planned. Before long, it happened! I felt a sensation that I have never felt before. My heart rate shot up like an sky rocket, and my blood pressure was for sure high. , I did not know what was going on. I was scared that I had done something wrong to be having this feeling. My eyes rolled back, and my muscle get all tensed up. I came, I ejaculated, and it was this weirdest feeling ever. It felt awesome but very different. I remember laying there afterwards thinking about what had just happened. Half of me was relieved, and the other half was still in a shock. She, on the other hand, was not feeling the greatest I guess. She looked uncomfortable and kind of in shock as well. I looked at her and just smiled, and then she looked up at the bright shining moon and smiled too.

We both laid there for few minutes to let it sink in a little more and digest what has just happened. After that, we began putting on our clothes. After we had been both dressed, I hopped back over to the drivers seat and drove off towards the park where we were initially supposed to go and meet our friends. I remember thinking as I was driving, This is going to be one night that I will never forget.

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