Essay Sample on Venezuela in Crisis: President Manduro's Mismanagement and Oppression

Published: 2023-06-14
Essay Sample on Venezuela in Crisis: President Manduro's Mismanagement and Oppression
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Manduro is the forty-sixth president of Venezuela whose administration has led to mismanagement of the Venezuela economy and plunged the nation into a severe humanitarian crisis. He has been attempting to crush his opposition and applying lethal force against the individuals who protest against his government. The United States of America established a diplomatic relationship with Venezuela since 1835. They had strong bilateral economic relations, and the United States was the largest Venezuela trading partner. Over the years, the government of the United States has been on the forefront to offer Venezuela protection of human rights, strengthening the democratic institutions and promotion of transparency and accountability in the country's administration. For instance, in the financial year 2017, the United States government offered 256 million dollars to Venezuela to help in the provision of a regional support crisis that involved over two hundred million dollars in humanitarian assistance and economic development assistance (Buxton,2005). However, when Venezuela president Nicholas Maduro gets elected in the year 2018, he defined himself in opposing the united states' relations. He often criticized the united states government, its policies, and the Venezuela relationship with Latin America. The administration of President Maduro consisted of authoritarianism, violent and systematic undermining of the human freedom and fundamental rights that involved torture, extrajudicial killings, and arbitrary detention of some individuals. The Maduro regime led to the destruction of the nation's economy and facilitated increased corruption, which destroyed the relationship with the United States. Therefore, the United States decided to summon the Maduro's regime to ensure the restoration of the nation's democracy, economic development, and the dignity of the bilateral trade.

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Maduro's Regime on Trading Issues

The Maduro's authoritarian government refuses to allow the international assistance of the Venezuela citizens. His administration contributed to hyperinflation in-country as a result of the decline in the bilateral trade that Venezuela had previously engaged with the United States. Despite the strict measure employed by Nicholas Manduro to prevent the established bilateral trade, the United States prepared in support of the Venezuela nation to strengthen its economy and to promote the welfare of the citizens. For instance, the United States announced a sanction that prevented the American people from dealing with specific new debt and equity of the Venezuelan government and the state oil company. The sanctions get meant to deny president Manduro the crucial source of finance, which was maintained as a rule to prevent the government f Venezuela from adopting the United States' method of structuring the existing debt. It protected Americans from the corruption that was championed by the Maduro's regime and the poverty that they g subjected to Venezuela people.t

Maduro's System of Political Ideology

Nicholas Maduro became the president through the candidature of the United Socialist Party in Venezuela. He founded his government based on the ideology of his predecessor that involved the combination of the element of socialism and democracy. In his thinking in leadership, the president felt that his government could only learn without the interference of other nations (Ellner,1994). He was, therefore, against the involvement of the United States ideology in leadership as he felt the Americans would lower his legitimacy as the Venezuela president. Maduro claimed that the united states were trying to assist his opposition in the coup attempt to remove him from power.

Venezuela Sovereignty

President Maduro claimed that the sovereignty of Venezuela is being interfered with by the United States when his allies, such as Iran, Russia, Turkey, and Cuba, were supporting him in leadership. The United States and some western European countries were supporting Juan Guaido as the interim president of Venezuela. Despite the criticism by the United States Manduro as sworn in as the Venezuela president and later, the president of the national assembly gets declared as the interim president through the support of the United States. Maduro, therefore, accuses the United States and claims of interfering with the sovereignty of Venezuela as they were attempting to overthrow him from the power. The Venezuela government, under the control of president Manduro, reacted by arresting some of the individuals that collaborated with the United States to remove him from the power. The act was considered an inhumane practice. The United States, therefore, imposed sanctions for the Venezuelan officials who were violating human rights.

UN Impact on Manduro's Administration

The United Nations can have a positive impact on solving the crises that emerge in Venezuela leadership and the relationship between the United States and Venezuela. Both Venezuela and the United States are members of the United Nations. Through the members of the security council, president Nicholas Manduro can be engaged in a dialogue with his opposition to discuss on how they can participate in a peaceful election under guidance by the members of the security council (Lee,2019). The United Nations that have a primary role of maintaining peace and security to its member states can play the role of evaluating the negative impact that can be posed by the sanctions imposed by the United States against Venezuela president in promotion of the bilateral trades. The penalties get assessed on the potentially negative impacts they might create to the human rights of the marginalized citizens and the challenges that may pose some individuals in accessing the basic needs such as food.


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