Essay Sample on Technology: Going to Mars to Expand the Human Population

Published: 2023-06-01
Essay Sample on Technology: Going to Mars to Expand the Human Population
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Space exploration is a social movement that started in the year 1975 after Russia launched the first artificial satellite named Sputnik into space for a period of three months. There was the subsequent launch of similar space ships and the ultimate discovery of planets and investigations of planets that could support life. There has been a controversy on the resettlement of the planet's population on mars.

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Mars and Possibilities of Supporting the Human Population in the Future

The world population is rapidly growing as evident in major countries in the world. There is a massive shortage of space for further development of houses and other spaces for the development of industries. The resources are being quickly depleted hence a need for a place that can resettle the growing population. According to NASA's exploration reports of mars. It has been confirmed that mars held life and supported rivers and natural habitats, about three billion years ago ( surface was habitable and astrobiologists have confirmed that it was even much better than the earth itself. They suspect that life might have even started on mars before earth. It is believed that it once had a thicker atmosphere; it has slowly lost its atmosphere to the solar wind believed to be the reason why the planet has a reddish outlook hence the name, the red planet. There are several similarities between the earth and the mars making the scientists believe that it can be habitable in the future. Both earth and mass orbits around the sun and are made up of rocks and metal. They both have a core rock an indicator that they must have developed through the same procedure. These physical features make the length of the day and nights almost similar. There is however an argument that living in mars can be challenging given that research from astronauts shows that the planet's atmosphere is largely composed of carbon dioxide exceeding 96%(Taylor.pp251-256).There are other gases such as nitrogen and argon, making a stay on the planet unimaginable as people require massive amounts of oxygen to survive and proceed with their daily life activities. There are claims that there will be the construction of oxygen boots to enable this program to become a success. Mars has an atmospheric pressure that is less than that on earth.

Several aspects still need to be studied apart from the construction of oxygen boots to support human life. The variation of gravity which is essential for stability is wide. The force of gravity of the earth is two times that of mars. The force of gravity makes movement possible; hence the variation will hamper movement. The days taken to make a normal year on the planet earth is 365, whereas it takes 687 earth days in mars for complete rotations that mark a year ( The margin is very wide, hence the possibility of affecting time and calendar. Time is essential for it determines the occurrence of festivals and events.

NASA should be committed to doing further research on the planet with a deeper analysis of the interior parts. There is a need for geophysical studies to understand the heat flow and its hazards such as the ones caused by seismic activity. Until now it is not yet established if the planet's soil can support plant life. Human and wild environments are inseparable. Agriculture will still be essential for the resettled generation of humans on the new planet. There are however rovers that have been sent by NASA to seek possibilities of the existence of life ( rovers have been able to collect soil and rocks from the planet and sent them back to the earth for further studies to determine the components of the soil. There are joint movements by countries that aim at sending spacecraft to aid in the further study of the planet. There are proposals that before human beings can be sent to the planets, there should be experiments done through robots. The final experiment and exploration should determine essential things such as weather patterns, wind patterns, radiation, and the possibilities of occurrence of dust storms as recorded by the spacecraft images. The information shall help determine the suitability of the planet for human settlement and the technology that can be used by humans to settle fully in the future.


In conclusion, it is evident that despite the efforts being put by NASA and other scientists in understanding the features of mars, there are no hopes of mars supporting human life in the future. The presence of high content of carbon dioxide, the variance of gravity, and the difference in timelines make it almost impossible for humans to live there. There is a need to understand the constant, depletion of the atmosphere and the potential effects of the solar winds that are rampant on the planet. The planet also has several problems related to exposure to heatwaves. Although the scientists are optimistic that it will one day be fit for human settlement. Several costly technologies have to be used.

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