Essay Sample on Reducing Childhood Obesity

Published: 2023-04-01
Essay Sample on Reducing Childhood Obesity
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Childhood obesity is a serious public health challenge affecting most of the children globally. It is the condition where children are overweight for their height and age. The elementary school children are supposed to know the best ways of reducing or controlling obesity before it affects them. The reason is that being obese might make children get diseases such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

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In order to achieve the goal of the campaign, it is important to get the best ways of reaching elementary school children to pass the message efficiently. Some of the ways of reaching them include partnering with small businesses like restaurants so that they have the main message, tapping the local media outlets, and schools so that they provide information on the importance of having a healthy diet. Meeting with the parents can also make them informed and pass the message to their children.

The biopsychosocial approach was used in analyzing the causes of obesity in children. The biological causes of childhood obesity include genetics, epigenetics, and destiny. Some of the obesity cases in children occur since the parents are also obese. On the other hand, the psychological causes of obesity are discussed including unhealthy eating patterns, inadequate physical activity, and insufficient sleep. It is important for children to eat sweets or food sweeteners, not getting enough sleep can also cause obesity because of deregulating appetite and increasing the consumption of energy. In terms of social causes, culture, neighborhood, socioeconomic status, and schools can cause obesity by making a child copy the eating patterns in schools and neighborhood.

In the PowerPoint, cognitive-behavioral approaches were discussed in reducing obesity in children. The approaches include changing attitudes and eating habits. This can be done by encouraging the children to eat a balanced diet and appropriate portions. Dietary therapy can also be conducted to find out about the eating patterns of children who are obese. The best approach is cognitive-behavioral therapy. It can be conducted in the patients and it is essential because when efficiently conducted, it reduces obesity, BMI and increases the health quality life of the children.

The biopsychosocial approach can be used in treating childhood obesity. Biologically, insulin plays a role in reducing weight, and the food groups affecting insulin include sweets, grains, starchy vegetables, and glycemic index fruits. A child should consume them moderately. Psychologically, one can challenge the cognitive distortions and reframing thinking. It can be done by introducing concepts like think thin, think insulin as weight loss is mainly around lowering insulin. Lastly, in terms of behavior, children should break the old habits of eating and introducing new ones. Since I am responsible for conducting a campaign, the best intervention for reducing obesity is putting nutrition standards for food and beverages sold in schools outside of meals. This strategy is the most effective, as it will promote healthy eating habits among the children.

In conclusion, it is important to carry out the campaign for elementary school children in reducing obesity. Putting nutrition policies in foods provided in school will reduce obesity as children mostly take their meals in school. The intervention will also help both children with and without obesity. Apart from the intervention, children should have a sufficient sleep and frequently exercise to ensure that they are fit. Thus, resulting in healthy children.

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