Cloud PaasOrganizational need

Published: 2022-07-27
Cloud PaasOrganizational need
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TechFite is a company that makes medical devices for the space program. Security as the top priority for the company makes the company itself demand to work together with the space programs of other countries such as the European Space Agency, Canadian Space Agency, and the JAXA. This will help the company to expand its business in order to open subsidiaries in other locations domestically and overseas. Additionally, for the purpose of securing the company and the system itself, the company needs a system that meets the FISMA regulations in cases of hackers or external attacks (Harriger, Harriger, Flynn, & Flynn, 2015). Therefore, the company needs the real time-log scanning and behavioral analysis of incoming network traffic that would help in determining when there is hacking in their system or when there is an advance persistence threat in the company that would require a quick response.

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Consequently, there are a lot of traffic passes through the firewalls due to companies that need to collaborate with TechFite. Therefore the company needs a budget of $250 per year that would even cater to the staff wages for proper performance of the organization. The system also wants to install honeypots that will attract hackers so that the security of the organization is maintained. The company administrator also wants inexpensive solutions to meet her organizational needs that may lead to better performance of the organization as a whole.

Emerging technology solution

The security of the organization ought to be looked into carefully in order to prevent hackers from attacking the company. Therefore, use of security identity suite helps in preventing online frauds and abuses of the corporates and customers by exploiting native GSM/UMTS network features when transmitting information and instructions to the platform (Sharma et al, 2017). The use of Out of -Band Strong Authentication is ideal for securing the company's information and data due to its resistance to fraud. Additionally, in the case of expanding the business through collaborating with space programs of other countries, there is a call for funding the organization to raise the $250 per year needed. This works when the company gains access to wider global ecosystem technology providers to help expand the business through the provision of enough funds and offerings.

Additionally, the company should connect with new revenue streams to gain more funds that will be utilized in the expansion of the business of the space programs. The emerging technology solution thus helps in expanding the business, especially where there is a need in installing the honeypot that will help in attacking the hackers and storing its information for long period in order to establish on the collaboration with other space programs in other countries.

Adoption metrics

The cloud computing as one of the modern technology that fulfills the corporate IT needs helps in collecting information and data on issues concerning its agility to the business and the companies IS itself. Cloud computing has emerged as the paradigm to deliver demand on resources such as software. Through survey by working on the operationalization on the impact of the technology, the agility of the technology such as the cloud computing is found which helps in determining the extent to which the technology helps.

Adoption process

The company needs to adopt to the FISMA program. As such, the FISMA has been adjusted to use the NIST program as the alternative that offers security framework within an organization. In most cases when the organization is handling governmental tasks and earning their contracts, there is much need to have the company adopt to the FISMA programs. The adoption of FISMA programs takes much of the companies' time to budget and install appropriate gadgets that meet the standard of other space boundaries. However, the TechFite Company has to adopt to the FISMA program just like other European space company such as the European Union and the JAXA to establish a collaboration with them that will further advance their space agency competition. However, early adoption of FISMA programs contributes to the expansion of more subsidiaries of space Agencies that store information for a long period (Kritikos et al, 2017). The companies through adoption to the programs can easily interact through combining resources and ideas to establish a system that advances the amount of data stored within the company, however, this may be involved in the late adoption of the technology. Secondly, late adoption to the technology also creates a system that scans the log data, and thus, preventing chances of hackers and data attackers within the shortest range of time.

Technology Impact

The technology has a major impact that includes scanning of log in data. As such, scanning help detect potential attackers of data by alerting the administration of any harm or damage detected that may distort data. The system network management agency can easily catch up with the individual records with the intention or attempt to interfere with the data or program scan for storage. The technology also impacted the installation of the system of honeypots that primarily help the system administrators to detect the instances of attempts portrayed by some individuals to hack the data stored within the organization. The system of technology has a major impact on the expansion of space agency within Europe. As such, the technology creates a business platform through which companies compete in exploring their network system. For example, the European space Agency in collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency will tend to collaborate to establish a system of space business that advances the allocation of more sub stations that accommodate storage of more information within the organization, and thus, keeping more records of individuals and space administration. However, the system technology has the tendency of making developers reluctant with the technology and records that they already have. As such, developers and technology administrators will have more confidence in not practicing and researching more alternatives to adjust their technology, but rather take much of their time in securing the existing technology. Such, however, lower job competency since some of the company's work every hour to research more about the series of system technology that will boost and make their jobs more lucrative.

Technology comparison

The TechFite Space Agency has profoundly adjusted to implement the use of FISMA. Consequently, most companies, such as the Canadian, JAXA, Japanese Space Agency and the European Agency have involved the FISMA program that has advanced their technology and majorly expanding their storage capacity of data. The two firewalls have mostly been used to establish a strong network system, and thus, enabling the innermost ring to have the most secured network. On the other hand, the firewall contains an established outermost ring that majorly connects the TechFite network system. The traffic has notably been in access of firewall, therefore, the network against hackers. However, the FISMA program has been a proposal for a network system that could help restrict instances of network hacking. As such, the program has secured data in the most company making it flexible for adoption by the TechFite Company. In most cases, the security agency seek for collaboration to help secure most of their networks and data using the technology. Often, they use resources to pay wages to their staff and IT experts. The budget always targets the demand portrayed by the company. The budget of the technology is focused on the ideal of transforming the manual scanning system to an automated system owing to create an automated system for log correlation (Hashem et al, 2015). This focusses in creating a system where host-based and other network appliances are automated for faster and effective use. The technology has the main focus and vision to transform the security system. As such, through FISMA program, the company can easily detect and prevent instances of network and data hacking, through automating a system that analyzes and take records of illegal attempts to intrude into companies data.


The TechFite Company through the advancement of technology should consider establishing more FISMA program to help run effective security measures within the various Space companies. However, they should seek to research of more efficient ways of hastening detective measure to prevent hacker's target. The need to have more firewall established within the Space provide a conducive environment that accommodates large storage of data or information within an organization. Objectively, the organization has to subsidize some percentage of money allocated every year for the maintenance and upgrading of data storage through a system that is more advanced and automated.


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