Essay Sample on Quality and Strategic Process Improvement

Published: 2023-01-28
Essay Sample on Quality and Strategic Process Improvement
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In every organization quality improvement is an essential aspect for the growth and continuity of every business since it is the collective and unstable efforts of everybody in the business origination to work tirelessly for the success of production process in the organization. Successful improvement means that the organization improves it is production process to reduce waste of resource through material loss, reduction of rework as the materials produced are produced with perfections that may not require any other rework or improvement once produced they can be able to satisfy the need of the consumers hence creating their loyalty for the products. For quality improvement to be successful, it also requires changing for the parts of the organizational process that does not function properly so that it cannot limit improvement quality. Therefore from the quality improvement quality programs are produced. Quality programs are the systematic activities that are planned through organizing and implementing to assess and monitor for how an organization can improve quality to achieve higher performance to optimize the needs for its customers.

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Quality improvement programs have got more benefits to organization success. The success of the business is achieved since quality improvement programs help in several activities, which include; decrease delivery time, lower cost, improve employee morale, and increased productivity.

Quality improvement helps in reduction the delivery times. This because scheduling will be done in advance to identify the customers' orders that are urgently needed and those once, which will take some time. Urgent orders are planned first with their logistical services well designed to avoid lateness due to the absence of any carriage facility.

Quality improvement lowers the cost of production in the organization. Price is reduced through the employment of qualified staff in the organization so that that to be able to avoid the cost that may arise due to misappropriate handling of materials or use due to lack of technical requirements. Also, through the practice of division of labor in the organization cost can be reduced since very employee performs in the area he/she is best suited in the organization.

Through quality improvement employee morale are built, which will help to increase in the organizational productivity since the motivated employees perform their tasks willingly or with little supervision from the management; hence in the process quality is improved. Quality improvement may be in the form of excellent customer service, time management, and logistical services, planning, and scheduling.

Challenges are also experienced in quality improvement programs even though they cannot overweigh the benefits. Problems that are usually experienced include needing to be tied up with the organization finance resource. Finances are required for planning, scheduling for production are much expensive, which could be hard to be employed by a small organization that needs to apply for quality improvement programs. The practice also has to operate within the boundaries of the law in their production by renewing their licensing according to the government policy to enable them to operate the business.

These challenges impact the organization since due to high operational; cost the organizational product prices may arise (Kumar & Schmitz, 2011). Increase in prices due to high operational cost may lead to customers lose, which are the main contributors to the success of the organization. The discussion also covers the influence of quality improvement to the operational managers and the way they reach their suppliers.

Quality improvement programs that have been employed by our organization is the quick customer response (Godinho & Uzsoy, 2014). Quick customers' response helps in maintaining the customer's loyalty by the provision of their orders according to the stipulated time. This method helped the organization in attracting laggard customers in the business environment that had led to an increase in our sales. Therefore the organizational role of profit maximization is realized through the economies of large scale. These quality improvement programs helped the operation managers to reach their suppliers effectively that have helped in building suppliers loyalty.

The discussions begin with the definition of quality improvement and quality improvement programs. Quality improvement programs that have been identified include the quick customer response, among others. Quality improvement programs help the organization in a number of ways such as decrease delivery time, lower cost, improve employee morale, and increased productivity.


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