Free Essay on Global Warming and Climate Change

Published: 2019-08-28
Free Essay on Global Warming and Climate Change
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Global warming and climate change are a menace that is fast traversing across the world. People's activities have contributed to the hazard, and it takes the combined efforts of the people causing it to bring it to a stop. This paper talks about the issue of global warming and climate change. It highlights the contribution of businesses to them and possible ways of reducing the effects.

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Companies have contributed a lot to global warming in several ways. By burning massive amounts of coal and oil, gases are emitted that trap excess heat in the atmosphere, causing global warming. Another chief cause is greenhouse gases that come as a result of burning of fossil fuels in cars, industrial units and electricity manufacture (Klein, 2014). Methane emitted from landfills and agriculture (particularly from the digestive systems of feeding animals), nitrous oxide from composts, gases used for preservation and industrial processes, and cutting down of trees which try9tap carbon dioxide. These businesses can do a lot to stop the menace of global warming. Companies should develop the culture of recycling plastic containers and other bio-non-degradable products to reduce landfills. Reduction of waste is another solution. The burning of the waste releases toxic gases to the atmosphere. To avoid that business should dispose of their waste in a proper manner. Enterprises should try as much as possible not to cut down trees.

Global warming and climate differ in that global warming denote to the earth escalating surface temperatures while climate change is a combination of warming and the side effects of warming. For example, melting of glaciers, fuller rainstorms, and the recurrent drought. Global warming is as a result of the speedy upsurge in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Climate change, on the other hand, could be as a result of human-caused deviations or even ordinary ones like ice ages. Global warming and climate change relate closely. Global warming causes climates to change. They both involve the rising of temperatures (Bond, 2002). Warm universal temperatures in the sky and oceans lead to climate change distressing patterns of rainfall, humidity, and sea levels. Some people use both words interchangeably.

There is a noticeable change between now and thousands of years back. The way todays children are living is completely different from how the children that lived thousands of years back did. Some of the questions that they would ask would be: where there many thick forests in the past? What happened to the dried rivers? Where there persistent droughts and hailstorms? The answer would be: There were many dense forests in the past, both tropical and rainforests. They acted as water catchment areas, but human cut off the trees and build industries on the land, which destroyed the river sources leading to them drying up. The industries have emitted gases that have destroyed the atmosphere thus the continuous drought.

Hollender, the creator of seventh generation, got fired because according to him, he felt that he did not institutionalize the right standards in the commercial sector, failed in getting money from the incorrect individuals, and did not reward the employees as much as they should have been rewarded. In a nutshell, he did not fulfill the aim of the company- to create a sustainable brand. Managers could derive a lesson or two from Hollenders experience. It is their duty as leaders to do the right thing regarding finances, driving the company to achieve its objectives, and giving the employees the best.

Climate change and global warming is real and is happening. The effects of it being experienced on a daily basis. As mentioned above, every person on the face of the earth has a role to play in helping stop it or reducing it. It is possible to change the narrative for the children that will live a thousand years to come. That will only happen if people would employ the above mentioned ways.


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Klein, N. (2014). Capitalism versus Climate. Paris: Guardian Publishers.

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