Sport Essay Sample: Losing a Football Season

Published: 2019-06-21
Sport Essay Sample: Losing a Football Season
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Football is one of the games that are watched with a large number of fans on a global scale. It involves two opposing sides that fight for the common ball to determine the winner and the loser. However, losing a game is one of the worst experiences both to the players and the fans bearing in the mind that it will take another season to become the champion. On the other side, research reveals that real fans also known as die-hard get hurt more than the players when the team loses. While some individuals may single out that players are the major cause of losing a football season, there are several reasons behind the failure of a team ranging from the coach to stakeholders which in turn has several effects on the fans and the team as a whole.

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Causes of Losing a Football Season

The first cause of losing a football season is a lack of teamwork. Football is one the games that is played by numerous participants at ago. Particularly, the ball has to be passed from one individual to the other in order to win. However, in some cases, particular players try to be mean in an attempt to score individually. According to some players, the fact that their names appear on the board that they have scored is a great honor to them. In this regard, some players do not embrace a teamwork attitude, and they end up failing to score. Specifically, when the adversary team realizes that their opponents lack solidarity, they put focus on the individual with the ball.

Secondly, an inexperienced coach is another major cause of losing a football season. Notably, there are several incidences that coaches have been fired because of their poor progress and replaced by others who have good reputation. In particular, there are techniques and tactics that a coach should employ when they face an opponent. The fact that not every rival team has got the same structure and approach, it is of great significance for the coach to possess a wide range of skills and tactics to stop the opponents and win. In general, the coach has been viewed as the driver of the team; hence, outstanding skills that aim at winning become mandatory. However, when the coach lack what is require in football pitch, the team is likely to lose the entire season.

Another important reason why some teams fail is lack competent players. Even if a world-class coach is selected for a team that has skillfully challenged players, the team is deemed to fail appallingly. It is a fact that a coach does not play in the field and cannot control the mind of a player once he/she is in possession of the ball. In other words, when the player is in the field, an individual talents and competency matter. It is these skills that he/she will use to challenge the opponent. However, lack of such abilities will result in many faults that at the end will cost the team and ultimately lose. Therefore, to win, good players become obligatory.

Lack of money is another cause of losing in football. In general, money is very instrumental in a number of activities. First, enough money is required for the purchase of quality materials such as gaming equipment that are needed for proper training. Additionally, adequate money is indispensable to acquire good players from other teams. Under the acts that govern football, teams are allowed to acquire good players from other crews upon the agreement that always come with a huge financial requirement. Lastly, to get a good trainer or coach, it is of great importance for the team to have money for compensation. In summary goods funds are the driving force of any football team.

Effects of Losing a Football Season

There are several effects of that come when a team loses a football season. One of such effects is lack of morale and confidence to both players and fans. Particularly, consecutive losses drive away the confidence of players. According to football coaches, when a player loses the confidence, the likelihood of conceding more games is very high. This also makes them lose morale; hence, they will play just because it is their professional role.

The other effect of losing a football game is the continuous stress which, in some cases, has led to suicide especially among the fans. One of the individuals who become most stressful is the coach. The feeling of underperforming and the risk of losing the job are some of the aspects that compel the coach to live in trepidation. Notably, the performance of a coach is not measured by how hard he works on the pitch, but how excellent the team is performing. It is through an exceptional performance that male them probable to get employed in other teams. On the same note, fans suffer a lot when the team fails. Particularly, it had been reported that some supporters had committed suicide when their favorite team lost. Players also get stressed when they underperform since they risk losing their professional career.

Lastly, losing a football season has got financial consequences on a team. First, when the team continually loses, fans get demoralized hence they do not take part in financial support such buying the tickets and provision of grants. Secondly, the football organizations also give football teams particular amounts depending on their performance. Specifically, teams that perform outstandingly take the top prices than those that occupy the bottom position. Moreover, top sponsors such as Adidas, Nike, Samsung and other big companies only sponsor those teams that attain the best positions. Lastly, poorly performing teams risk relegation that has got serious financial impacts on the football team.

Following the discussion herein, it is evidenced that there are several causes that may subjects a team to continuous failure in a football season. As the nature of football, teamwork is very important. Hence, every team should work together in order to excel. Moreover, an experienced coach who asserts good football skills is necessary for the success of football. Likewise, financial capability is mandatory in ensuring that good players are acquired. Lastly, determined and excellent players should not be a matter of question. Notably, there are a lot of effects when a team fails that affects players, fans, coach, and other stakeholders. First, it is stressful to players, fans, and the coach. Other than lack of morale and loss of confidence, trailing behind a football season has got negative financial consequences.

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