Onboarding Process - Free Essay in HRM

Published: 2019-06-25
Onboarding Process - Free Essay in HRM
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Various adjustments happen when an employee is joining a project or being promoted to a new position within the projects. Most importantly, for the organisation, it is fresh pair experiences and skills brought into the workforces (Biro, 2012). The onboarding process that welcomes orients and settles the new employee is very important for both the employee and the project (Biro, 2012). The following is an onboarding process of a Director of Strategy.

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Evaluate Onboarding strategies appropriate to chosen position (Director of Strategy), and provide a supporting rationale.

Onboarding strategies are important not just as a way to reduce operational cost, but also helps the incoming employees improve their personal input to the project, they reduce attrition as well as helping the project achieve its strategic objectives (Bauer, 2010). The following are onboarding strategies employed for a director of strategy

Longer on job learning window (Bauer, 2010). The rationale behind this is basically to given the director an ample time to be versed with the project, its culture and politics. An extended learning window will help them learn completely, thus improving their performances at the same time guarantee longer retention rate.

Collaborative learning, through others (Bauer, 2010). Here, the rational is that most people learn either by observation or copying. For the director, learning from the outgoing director and or other employee within the projects will enhance the onboarding process. At the same time, the retention rate increases as people naturally learn from others more than they learn by themselves.

Monitoring and guiding the learning window (Stein, 2010). The Director of strategy should be guided and the learning process kept informal and focussed to be productive. The onboarding program is structured to create a flow for the entire period to avoid wasting time and complicating matters. This way the director will concentrate on the projects, determine where it is going and formulate ways to get it there.

Measure the onboarding program success and Impact (Stein, 2010). The onboarding program has to be evaluated to establish whether they are impactful or not. Clear metrics are set at the beginning of the program, then rechecked during and at the end of the program. The metrics shows how the director is adjusting in their position, whether, they have understood the current position of the project and the kind of strategies they think would take it to the next level.

Develop an onboarding process that successfully integrates the selected candidate into the job position, and provides a supporting rationale

The Director of Strategy will first be introduced to the firm and given a clear explanation of what it deals in (Stein, 2010). The rational is simply to give them the basics about the projects, clear doubts and reassure their positions. This step is necessary if the person director is a new face in the project

Secondly, they will be taken through the official duties that the director is expected to engage in. This process is important as it defines role to avoid confusion and ambiguity at the same time reduce time wastage.

They shall also be alerted to the various procedures, process and protocols that need to be followed when undertaking their responsibilities (Biro, 2012). These process and protocols may include;

How strategies are formulated and what to say when asked what it is they do

How the firm allocate resources and where, and what to ask when they need extra resources like man power of finance

When reports are needed, also how and when to prepare these reports ;

The rational here is to open clear channel of communication, let the director know who is in charge of what, it avoids duplication and conflicts within the organisation. The director will know where and who to approach at any point of their executions.

They will also be introduced to the projects timeline, shown what has already been achieve and what remains (Biro, 2012). At the same time, they are let in on anything, if any, that affects the ability of the project to achieve its objectives on time. The rationale here is to highlight any obstacles within and without the projects that interfere with the normal activities of the projects. The director will therefore be ready with appropriate remedies now that they understand the obstacles the project faces at any point. They also understand what needs to be done to avoid these obstacles on time, by planning ahead.

The director of strategy let in on the projects budget, where the funding is coming from and where finances are spent (Biro, 2012). The rational here is to introduce the director to the spreadsheet and calculations early on in the projects, it is important for the projects executives to be let in on the financial positions of the firm and the source of the funds. This will enable them fashion their plans and decision along the available budget and avoid deficient or wastage

The director of strategy is then introduced to the other employees, and their tasks force. From colleagues to those who will be working under them as well as the projects stakeholders (Bauer, 2010).. The rational here is simply keeping the project workforce as a unit and creating relationship both horizontal and vertical. Everyone in the projects needs to feel part of the larger group. The director should know people within the organisations as well as other stakeholders and customers. This ensure a smooth running of the project.

The director of strategy will be given access to the right systems, given the necessary clearance, log in details, gate passes and so on. They need to have full access of their position of influence. This help them carry out their responsibilities with any hitch as well as move about in the premises without feeling curtailed

Finally, the director will be given the projects objects for the next financial year. Achieving the projects goals and objective is the reason for hiring the director of strategy (Bauer, 2010). It is therefore paramount that he understand what these objectives are so that when they are formulation ideas and strategies, they may align them with the projects objectives

Taking time through the onboarding process increases effectiveness and efficiency within the organisation at the same time increasing the chances of the employees success in their initiative.


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