Essay Sample on Planned Parenthood Funding

Published: 2023-01-08
Essay Sample on Planned Parenthood Funding
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Title x program is the family planning program that was enacted into law (public law 91- 572) of united states of America in 1970 that reflected the current concerns of the nation. It was the only federal grant program that was meant to provide comprehensive medical health services and family planning assistance to the individual of all classes to enable individuals with low income to have access to affordable health services with high standards without any discrimination. It was to provide functions such as access to medical information and preventive services. Currently, Trump administration is planning to pull out a resource from funding this vital program that supports millions of people and saving lives.

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According to RTI international (2008) report, the program has increased affordability and access to health service. The report indicates that more than two-thirds( 67 percent ) of Title X patient served were at or below 100 percent of the federal level of poverty range while 90 percent were below 200 percent of federal pervert level. The report also indicates that in 2006, 61 percent of the clients served by Title X clinic were not insured,21 percent had been insured by public insurance while 8 percent insured by a private organization. Based on this statistical analysis, it noticeable that Title X is providing substantial services to the majority of poor people who had no access to health services. This also signals that there is a need to add financial support to this program rather than pulling out the resources from it. The program has supported millions of women with infertility and complication such as abortion. Taking funding away from the program will affect more than five million people (Tanne, 2019).

The program has led public health promotion and disease prevention among the citizens. The program has initiated public awareness and enlightenment through the provision of education during the seminars and when serving their clients on matters relating to sexually transmitted diseases such HIV/AIDs and cardiovascular diseases such as Cancer, heart attack (Benson, 2007).).This has led to responsible sexual behavior and proper maintenance of body fattiness to prevent the attack and to contract of sexual diseases among the citizen. This has to a reduction in domestic violence and reduction of death rate in the society.

According to Andrews & Withey (2012), Title x program has contributed positively to the economic and social well-being of many individuals in the United States. Family planning services provided by the program had led to a reduction of the adversarial health and financial constraint effects on vulnerable groups such as women, children, and their families. It has also led to the fulfillment of the Health and Human Services program goal that promotes the economic and social well-being of the disadvantaged families.

Scientific Research and development has been advanced with the help of the Title X program. Several research has been done under the Title X program to make discoveries on human disease causal agents and provide suitable cure to save human life( Gold & Hasstedt,2017). The research result obtained is communicated and transferred to other public health organization to promote excellent health services for all people without discrimination. This has articulated goals of national government concerning human health.

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