Essay Sample on Personal Twist Fairy Tale

Published: 2023-03-30
Essay Sample on Personal Twist Fairy Tale
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Stories talking about animals, magic, mermaids, and fairies are what come to mind when telling someone about the concepts and issues regarding fairy tales. Some of the short tales such as Cinderella, Rapunzel, The Ugly Duckling, the Little Mermaid, the juniper Tree, Sleeping Beauty, and The lost children are among the popular tale with an unexpected twisted ending. The fairy tales are usually used to introduce children to psychological understanding and to expose the harsh realities of life by cautioning and teaching young children about their cultural values and norms.

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According to Kaufman, (n.p), Snow White, a fairy princess was named based on the nature of her skin color which was white like snow. Her beauty was manifested by her black hairs as ebony alongside red appearing lips like a rose. Unfortunately, her mother died and the father left with no option rather than remarrying again. The new queen was proud as he was beautiful. She spent most of the time consulting the mirror by asking "hey Mirror there; who is fairest of them all" (Kaufman, n.p).

As time goes by, Snow White began to grow and become more beautiful even the queen's magic mirror began to suggest otherwise to the new queen. It made the queen to enraged generating jealousy. She decided to send a huntsman to get rid of snow white and bring the heart to the queen.

In an unexpected twisted scenario, huntsman pitted with guiltless snow white and informed her to escape and should not consider coming back. Instead, the huntsman delivered the heart of the pig to the queen (Kaufman, n. p). The evil queen consulted her magic mirror and established she had been duped and began to plot to get rid of snow-white by herself by preparing a poisonous apple. In the meantime, the fairest beautiful Snow White met with seven dwarfs in a certain place and started living together and caring for them.

One day, there was a cultural festival event in the community and everyone had to attend. The queen realized that was the only chance she can meet with the Snow White and get rid of her. The cultural party was full of people and surprisingly all the wore the costume and covered their faces with similar hoods apart from the jealous queen who wore differently. She disguised and asked herself why her magic failed to reveal to her.

Besides, the Apple that queen had prepared to kill the Snow White transformed into a scorpion and bites the queen without noticing. The virus spread within a short period and she got paralyzed eventually died in the process. Everyone got surprised and returned to their respective homes leaving the queen's body being eaten by wild animals.

In conclusion, the main lesson we have to learn from the tale based on the consequences and fate of the queen is that we must always refrain from the lust for physical beauty or negative compliments on physical outlook. Beauty deceives by blindfolding personal aspiration by diverting our ambitions and ultimate goals we have in our life. Besides, when a person pays much attention to physical, indeed loses peace of mind and becoming quite unhappy especially when the person is considered not beautiful. Gentleness and kindness always win the hearts of people around.

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