Free Essay with the Example of Decision-Making Process

Published: 2022-07-29
Free Essay with the Example of Decision-Making Process
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The Way Christine and Laura Chose to Handle Mr. Taft Case.

In my opinion, Laura and Christine handled the Taft case in the best method they could with wise decisions. First, Laura promised and even delivered the message confidentially to both spouses unbiased. They were both motivated to find a solution that partly satisfies both clients and nothing more. Laura handling both clients without prejudice was the best they both could get since she was able to use almost similar words to deliver the message to both parties unbiased(Dubois, Prade., Pirlot, &Bouyysou. 2013).

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Whether CVSC must work with both clients has been espoused on the CVSC's mission to help victims of crimes and strive to meet the needs of the client that occur as a result of the offense.Notably, it was not the first time CVSC's to handle such a delicate matter. It has but has always been on the fly decision as explained by Laura in the excerpt.

The way CVSC diffuse Mr. Taft`s anger and effectively resolve the situation

However, to diffuse Mr. Taft anger situation effectively, CVSC's first task was to calm him down and try to reason with him explaining their intention(Dubois, Prade., Pirlot, &Bouyysou, 2013). More so, how they made sure that as an organization they intended to ensure they are both served efficiently by the same advocate. In Mr. Taft case, they were not to favor one party, and there was no other better way to ensure they are both served justly.

Strengths of the Decision-Making Process Made by Christine and Laura.

The decision-making process adopted by Christine and Laura is rational decision-making approach. It forces themto consider a decision in a logical, sequential manner and an in-depth analysis of alternatives that could help them to choose bythe situation they were in rather than personal prejudices or emotions as is displayed in their conversation.

The weakness of The Decision-Making Process Made by Christine And Laura.

The rational decision-making process requires careful consideration and deliberation of information; this takes time, making this method unsuitable for quick-decisions.The reason why both Christine and Laura could deliver their intended mission effectively. Mr.Taftwas angered in the process.

How CVSC`s Policies and Procedures Contribute to the Problem

Notably, CVSC's lack of policies and procedure in handling such cases as and to when they arise is the cause of the problem here. Could there be procedures on how to go about it when such casesarise, Laura couldn't be faced with such dilemma and make the decision she so made due to lack of clear procedure on the same(Dubois, Prade., Pirlot, &Bouyysou. 2013). Divorce and separation are so prevalent in America, that failure of CVSC's to contemplate the same was omission and carelessness on their part.

I suggest that CVSC's should be obligated to restructure their policies and incorporate the same to give their employees an easy time when dealing with such incidences, they will know where to refer to when such happens. They will get to know if one advocate could handle both clients or the clients are to be treated separately.

Ethical dilemma in the caseis displayed when Laura and Christine are confused about how best to handle both clients as Christine stated none of them couldn'tbe turned away. They are motivated to ensure their clients are served best but, in a dilemma. Through one advocate or different advocates to handle each party.

Ways in Which CVSC's Can Promote Ethical Standards in Its Work Environment

It is essential for employees in an organization to ensure ethical conduct among themselves and with the clients. Moral goes a long way to ensure that the organization maintains a reputation for sound professional principles and values that are directly in line with the organization's mission. The following methodshave been therefore suggesting that if implemented by CVSC's can promote ethical standards in it work environment. They include:

Educate its staff about what's at risk when they don't perform their job in an ethical, accountable manner. It can inform its team of the danger of its sponsor withdraw and the image of the organization.Additionally, it can be done through Ethics and Compliance Training Programs.

Enhance a corporate culture in which employees are free to speak openly and truthfully to management.

Put the organization's standard of conduct in writing and inform all the employees are aware of the same. The list of the workplace standards needs to be exhaustive from acceptable language to ethical business practices.

Managers should act at a higher ethical standard for other employees to generally follow suit. They should serve as role models for other employees.


Dubois, D., Prade, H., Pirlot, M., &Bouyysou. (2013). Decision-Making Process: Concepts and Methods. New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons.

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