Essay Sample on Lachaise's Power in the Standing Woman Art

Published: 2023-01-28
Essay Sample on Lachaise's Power in the Standing Woman Art
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Lachaise has always come out as one of the most iconic artists over the centuries because of his great works like the standing woman. The standing woman is a representation of Lachaise's wife, whom he met in Italy and later married her. Lachaise idolized her woman Isabel Dutaud as the Goddess he was searching for to express everything. Lachaise wife was her greatest inspiration to the various works of art that he has since created. His work of art is a representation of his love for voluptuous women and a picture of beauty and gracefulness.

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The Common styles of Lachaise artistic work involve sculptures of voluptuous nude women. He uses the powerful nude womanhood as his representation of their extraordinary body and energy. He presents his art as undulating and swelling embodied with high strength which portrays how elegant the woman was. Lachaise style of nude womanhood is a depiction of his utmost love and how he adored big woman with a statue figure. He presented them to have high energy which he gives to be perched on the woman tiptoes. His artwork is an excellent representation of the female body in ways that present the swollen nature of Paleolithic figures of fertility. The undeterred art of standing woman is a depiction of a woman with dignity. The structure of this art closely resembles classical literature, but Lachaise stretches his artwork a bit to represent a stretched traditional art. It is a statue that stretches a bit the classical proportion to have a ratio of art with significant muscular rounding with great height and mass. (Osborn, 2018).

Lachaise loved his woman to be of high figure and energy, and that was his reflection in the standing woman art. The high weight and height are visible with the art's big hips and breasts. The woman's thighs and arms are rested calmly around her waist, which is equally slender. The art is presented in a relaxed posture, which gives the lady regal force that masters the art of perfection. Lachaise main inspiration of the painting was to represent the human spirit and body by expressing the glorious nature of women's body, whom he admired and loved with great dignity. The art is described in a shimmering bronze color that illuminates the beauty and greatness in art by Lachaise. The sculpture much adores the woman body in all aspects from having great dignity to power and strength, which his Lachaise's' primary glorification and manifestation in the standing woman's' art.

The relation between the art and Lachaise is the love and respect that he had on his lifelong love Isabel Dutaud. At just twenty years, the artist Lachaise wrote of how he came to meet the young American lady who he described to have later become his primary inspiration for the art. Lachaise wrote of how the woman become her central drive and force to the creation of such a sensational craft which has been celebrated for decades. The figure and nature of Isabel struck Lachaise who developed a great love for her magnificent body and size. Isabel's dignity and strength became Lachaise center for adoration and glorification of the woman body. He later presented the nude womanhood with a considerable resemblance to Isabel, the young American lady he met and later married. The above relationship between Isabel and Lachaise explains the presence of the figure of standing woman art, which is a glorification of the women body. (Goggin, 2017).

My view on the art is that the painting is an excellent representation of art and the love for womanhood. People from all walks of life should have a glimpse of the art since it not only represents actual mastery of art but also tells a story of an artist who met an American who inspired him to create such a piece for the world. The glorification of the woman body is of great applause because it perfectly presents the beauty of voluptuous women in society. The as trout figure and balancing oh her weight and height to her feet is an excellent representation of artistic perfection in the world of art. Lachaise art of standing woman deserves the great accolade, especially in the respect and love for the women in the society through art.


Lachaise demonstrated his artistic power in the standing woman art. It is an art that glorifies and praises the beauty of the woman body. The art is a reflection and a presentation of a story of the artist who met a lovely American lady whom he ended up marrying. Lachaise love and adoration of the woman's body and energy led to his creation of the piece of art which reflects the figure and beauty of the woman. Lachaise presented the art with a high height and weight and a slim waist, which was a reflection of Isabel, his wife. It is an essential piece of art which can be viewed by everyone because its greatness and the iconic taste are not measurable.


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