Comparison Essay Example on a Gas Shield Stick and Flux Core Welding

Published: 2022-09-28
Comparison Essay Example on a Gas Shield Stick and Flux Core Welding
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A gas shield stick is mostly used in defining the amount of oxygen in small quantities and viewed as an addition to other gases. In most cases, the percentage range is from 2 to 5 percent that is added to argon. The shield stick also enhances the stability and reduces the surface tension which may come with the molten metal thereby increasing the wetting of a solid metal. On the other hand, a flux core welding has some relationship with the metal inert gas-wielding. It uses similar equipment and the continuous wire feeds hence used in matters electricity. It can be defined as an electric arc or cable which is used in uniting a continuous filler metal rode. The two have their advantages and disadvantages as will be noted in the subsequent paragraphs.

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Advantages of gas shield stick

  1. It is cheaper and can be accessed by people very easily. It features among the most commonly and widely used welding processes. It is also worthwhile to note the reference of the word stick is drawn from the fact that the metal is covered with the electrode welding.
  2. Another advantage is based on the fact that it uses equipment which is inexpensive, highly portable, and simple.
  3. Another advantage is based on the fact that it offers flexibility in all the positions.
  4. Many people also opine it as one which weld with a variable quality and appearance that is mostly based on the skills of the operator.
  5. The last advantage is supported by the view of it using an electrode that provides and regulates own flux.

Disadvantages of gas shield stick

  1. Gaining the fullest benefit requires the set-up of an automatic or robotic process.
  2. It also requires the incorporation of a short arch transfer or pulse mode in order to gain the capability of all the positions.

Apart from the mentioned advantages and disadvantages of the gas shield stick, there are also those which are related to flux core welding. The points below are some of the justifying points.

Advantages of Flux Core Welding

  1. One of the advantages is based on the fact that they are considerably cheaper. They help the welders save money which would have been used in purchasing stick whose price is a little higher.
  2. The flux cored wire also save significant time and do not need to be aligned to the shielding gas.
  3. Another advantage is based on the welds of steel and it becoming stainless.
  4. It also works well on the dirt, paints, and other materials which may be rusty.
  5. Flux-cored welding has equally led to an increase in metal disposition and can be used in many conditions, especially those that are windy.
  6. The fact that the wire feed is continuous also makes its learning to become easier.

The Disadvantages of Flux Core Welding

  1. There is a need for the removal of slag after the completion of the welding process.
  2. It also produces a lot of spatter which in most cases may call for the need to clean up immediately after the process of welding,
  3. There is also a potential for the lack of fusion type, an issue which may be a defect in case the welding parameters are found to be misalignment or incorrect.
  4. It may also call for the fume extraction, a process which is likely to increase the overall cost.

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