Essay Example on Ethical and Socially Responsive Business

Published: 2019-07-19
Essay Example on Ethical and Socially Responsive Business
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The Cheesecake factory code of conduct is intended to provide the company Incorporateds acquiescence with permissible requirements and its standards of ethical conduct for its staff members. It is the role of an employee to read and follow the code of ethics and adhere to all the rules set on it. However, the Cheese Cake factory code of ethics cannot possibly consider every likely situation. All its provisions are to be practical by the use of good judgment and common sense. Moreover, since the company carries out business in many countries, there are variances in state law, which can dictate the companys conduct. This paper looks to focus on the ethical issues and socially active business in Cheese Cake Factory.

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There are critical areas of the company that has substantial importance to the business.

General Principles of Conduct

The company encourages a rapport of loyalty, trust, responsibility, and honesty among staff members on every level. This is because every employee must be treated with respect and dignity.

Compliance with Laws

The company expects all employees to abide by the federal statutes when at work. The employees are not supposed to order another employee to conduct himself in a way that counters the companys code of ethics. The company does not permit any form of discriminatory behavior or harassment, especially sexual harassment. There is also no alcohol or drug abuse among employees while at work.


The Cheese Cake Factory Bakery production and any other facility must provide a conducive environment for customers, vendors, applicants, and staff members. No employee should feel pressured to contribute or participate in any companys event. The customers should also not be made to feel like being solicited by any Company employee for non-Company associated services and goods.

Protection of the Factorys Confidential Information

Every companys information whether confidential or not, as long as it is about the business, is the companys property and should not be disclosed or used by any employee except when caring out their regular responsibilities at work. Even, whenever an employee has stopped working for the Cheesecake factory, he/she has a responsibility of maintaining the Companys confidentiality of its confidential and propriety information. Data use the company for personal benefit is against the law and can subject an individual to criminal penalties and fines.

Prohibition Against Insider Trading

The Cheesecake Factory is presently traded on the NASDAQ Market. Thus, the Company and its employees are subject to state, NASDAQ and federal securities laws, regulations and rules. It is illegal for an employee, to sell or buy the companys stock irrespective of ones. Such illegal activities are referred to as insider trading.

The Steps that the Cheesecake factory needs to follow to ensure workers follow the Code of Ethics.

The code of conduct implementation can be subdivided into three steps, communication, monitoring and sanctioning. Communication step ensures that the employees understand what the company expects of them with the aim of convincing them to performance in a given manner, which is deemed applicable and to let them know of the sanctions, which they may come across based on the policy reaction. Monitoring step helps employees in observing and assessing results of the code of conduct provision. It involves scrutiny and reports to determine behavior. Finally, the sanctioning primary objective is to motivate employees to obey the code of ethics and to dishearten any form of noncompliance by allotting pledge, for example, effective sanctions.

Social Responsive Activities

Corporate philanthropy

The Cheese Cake Factory can create a fund that contributes to public courses, like giving a particular portion of its wages to the charitable course.

Environmental Sustainability

The firm can give back to the people for the damage caused to the environment succeeding its activities. It includes deliberate exertions taken to protect natural environment by dumping garbage from the company in secure locations.

Offering Quality and affordable products

The factory should struggle to provide quality and affordable products to serve humankind and not essential to make a profit.


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