School Safety Essay Sample

Published: 2017-11-15
School Safety Essay Sample
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Essay on safety measures in school

I looked at the school site safety where children of ages 2 to 6 play both indoors and outdoors, which I found to be less appealing. Most things were not in place or safe for the children. The school site is relatively safe with a few issue that needs to be worked on. Maintenance showed that there were peelings of paints that contained lead, which could harm the children. The ropes are tights, and the children can be safely paly with the. The children paly under adult supervision with every child being accounted for at all times. However, the ratio of staff in outdoors and indoors differs which can cause challenges for the children when playing. The slides are tall and do not have a barrier at the top for children to get in position to slide, and they also lack flat steps for the ladders. The sand digging areas have no shade, smooth frames or covered when not in use.

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The swings are relatively safe. The swings lack footings that are stable and tot swings separate from other swings. The swings are also corroded. However, the swings are spacious, have hangers and no A-frames. The climbers are not safe for use by the children. The surfacing lacks standard unitary rubber pads and also dirt has not been tested for toxins. However, there are no objects that the children can place in their mouths. The use zones are safe with no overlapping of merry-go-rounds and presence of impact absorbing material on the swings. The site is a time bomb for many accidents that could happen to the children due to lack of enough maintenance and keeping up the standards for the equipment used when playing.

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