Essay Sample on Group Dynamics and Intergroup Conflict

Published: 2023-01-16
Essay Sample on Group Dynamics and Intergroup Conflict
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Groups dynamics means the group of people who deal with the specific study of behaviors of other people based on the customs, a person's relationship, and their goals. These group of people consists of the army, conservational group, sports teams, remedy groups, political group, and religious people. Group dynamics is describe by the state of independence within the group. The state of independence is mainly in charge of correction of attitudes, behaviors, experiences, and opinions of those members who are affected by others.

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Firstly, the dynamic groups are usually affected by the issue of boundary dependency. Most of the dynamics groups are limited to the definition of boundaries due to the emergency of distinct groups. This evidence can be drawn from how the United States residents and the American living inside the state is wholly described as a group of people (In Calheiros, 2016). Moreover, it can be well-defined as a more advanced group of people because, due to its broad dimension. Group dynamics may be further classified as the people who are concerned with a specific culture. This evidence is a portrait by the group dynamics in the United States of American who are known because of their cultural possession. This cultural possession is normally guided by some set standards such as giving respect to the occurrence of violence and also the need for protecting oneself.

Also, on the side of addressing the effects of individual behavior as manifested by another group dynamic, it can be argued based on the research that was done by the psychologists. The psychologists found that individuals usually work to their level best, especially in the present of other people. The influence of these individuals only arises due to the conflict that may occur among them (In Landon, 2017). The study of psychologists also discovered that groups dynamics could affect individuality in terms of decision making. Concerning the influence of decision making, it mainly focuses on matters such as persuasion, obedience, thinking, and prejudice. The effect of decision making on individual behavior may be positive and negative, depending on the situation of a person. The positive influence of personal conduct is significant to an individual since it helps in dealing with problems relating to work citing and political involvement. Individual behaviors negatively affect individuality through undermining critical thinking of a person as seen from the proof that was drawn from Nazi Germany by the psychologists.

There are also issue that was discovered by the psychologists concerning group initiation, membership, social identification, and coherences that is depicted by a group dynamic. Group initiation implies to the link between individuals of certain groups. On the part of social unity, it contracts with the bond which arose as a result of attraction from the individuality. Similarly, socials identity is more so concerned with the emergency of the group dynamics as being influenced by the charm of individuality through the sharing of social relations. Furthermore, social identity focuses on matters relating to not only the identification of individuality but also with other groups of people. For the social identification to prosper, there must be a certain group of psychologists to extensively research on issues relating to them. As a consequence of the influence of social interaction among the people of group dynamics, it enhances good morals, such as individual roles and attitudes.

Group formation may also lead to the emergency of a distinct group of people, for instance, people who are a concern with issues like a natural disaster. The most features of a distinct group of people are the preexistence of some arrangements such as division of roles and group membership. These group of people is also limited to the demonstration of the state of dependency, resources depiction, tasks they perform, and knowledge coordination.

Intergroup conflict is the existence of a behavioral relationship between two or more groups of people based on their attitudes, perception, opinions, and certain behaviors which target personal group and close groups. Intergroup conflict may be categorized according to social, positive, and precisely the beneficial outcomes. These can be seen from the event when a large group of people tends to do a piece of work as a united team. The intergroup conflict was also shown if it took place in the Columbine High school in the year 1999 when the shootings occurred the intergroup conflict aided rescuing of people although a teacher, together with the 14 students were killed.

The intergroup conflict also solves their disputes by use of social identity theory, which majorly deals with comparing individuals from one group with those from the other group leading to the idea of input-output relationship hence assisting in individual self-esteem. These will help the individual to recognize the existence of one group against another one, reduction of perception which might create conflict among the members and to know more about the information in within the group specifically which are positive beneficiaries (Wohlen, 2014). The social conflict among the intergroup conflict has to be resolved through the use of measures such as intergroup contact theory, prejudice, and reducing the tension within them.

On the side of intergroup contact theory, it deals with ensuring social equality among the members, for instance, attainment of certain goals in their organization. Superordinate identities can also be used to resolve the conflict through prejudicing and by identifying the people involved in the conflict to ensure that subgroups of intergroup conflict can have a common share among themselves. The intergroup conflict can also be answered by the department of interdependency through reducing the prejudice between two or more groups of people leading to the closeness of members from one group to another.

In conclusion, group dynamics and intergroup conflict is an organization of people which majorly dwelt on the relationship that exists from one person to another and its depiction through their behavioral conduct.


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