Nursing Essay Sample: Personal Values and Beliefs of Nursing

Published: 2019-10-28
Nursing Essay Sample: Personal Values and Beliefs of Nursing
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In the recent past, there have been discussions on the need for a nurse to acquire a doctorate in nursing practice. The fact is that not many nurses in the medical industry see the need for the advancement of their skills. A doctorate in nursing practices offers one an opportunity to increase their level of expertise and also stand a chance to earn a higher pay. Taking a look at the values of the nursing field, that is respect, human dignity, regarding clients as the experts of their lives, clients as leaders, timeliness and the responsiveness of a nurse, you find that a nurse has to be well trained to achieve all these (Zaccagnini & White, 2011). It is in my opinion that the undertaking of a DNP certification will help the nurse to be able to serve the patient in a better way. Knowledge acquired from the DNP program makes the nurse a better care giver and a well-trained one for that matter. A DNP certification does not corrupt any of the nursing core values but it embellishes the practice.

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Advancements in the nursing practice is not an alien concept, taking the approach of midwifery which was a historical practice of aiding in baby delivery process. This practice advanced to a level of specialists known as Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM). The certified nurses are highly skilled in matters of midwifery and this skill level is always handy in every clinical setting. This is an indicator of the continuous advancement of different subsets of the field of nursing. Patient care needs to advance in a bid to lower the mortality rate, increase the quality of care and offering an amazing client-nurse relationship (Zaccagnini & White, 2011).

Looking into the philosophies of science and the epistemology of nursing frameworks, one realizes that the nursing field has been on a continuous streak of evolution and advancement through adoption of novel concepts that aim at improving the level of patient care and the dispensation of medical needs to patients (Reed, 2008). Looking into the research on the facilitation of Mexican-American Family Use of Home Healthcare, according to Reed, (2008) this group of individuals did not put to use home care services for their elders. Despite research proving that homecare services aid by a big percentage to healing and recovery process, this group still did not adopt the procedures. There is a need for re-education of the Mexican-American people to adopt home care practices. As a side note, it is important to recognize the importance of advancement and the adoption of novel strategies that aid in improving nursing practices.

A clinical setting needs to be well maintained starting from the clinical environment. A clinical environment should be serene and tranquil which psychologically helps in patient recovery. It is also important to have well trained nurses with good etiquette when interacting amongst themselves and with the patients in the nursing environment. Patient recovery is not focused on the administration of medicine and other medical procedures, but it goes a long way into the way the patient is treated, talked to and cared for while at the clinic.

In conclusion, a DNP certification stands to improve the skills of a nurse at drug administration, the level of care, etiquette skills, personal management and efficiency at the work environment. An advancement of an individuals nursing skills is not a waste of time and resources but a key ingredient to a higher level of mastery of the art of patient care.


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