Essay Sample Answering How Voter Turnout Could Be Increased in Texas

Published: 2022-07-07
Essay Sample Answering How Voter Turnout Could Be Increased in Texas
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The United States normally records lower numbers as far as voter turnout is concerned in comparison to other developed nations. The state of Texas, in particular, has some of the lowest figures in voter turnout compared to the other large states within America (Brown, et al). There are various ways through which the voter turnout in Texas can be increased. These approaches entail leveraging on information technology and other physical means to mobilize potential voters.

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There are eligible voters who fail to vote in Texas due to logistical challenges that make them unable to get to the polling stations. This clique of voters should be targeted through SMS-text alerts to register and vote with incentives like child care services, transportation to the voting centers, and other resources being provided to encourage them. Breastfeeding mothers, the elderly, and the physically challenged will be encouraged to partake in the voting process (Maxwell, et al). Then there is the neighborhood vote kit strategy in which local Texas community leaders are given the vote kit full of informative content to spread to the local residents, especially the marginalized communities who may feel left out of the political process and voting in particular. This goes a long way towards political inclusivity.

Voter turnout in Texas can be increased through the hear/say reminder application that is integrated with a calendar to alert voters on the approaching voting day as they continue with their online shopping from the Texas business establishments. The shopping outlets may go further and give incentives to the Texas voters who will participate through this method (Brown, et al). There is a voting bloc that is not interested in elections as feel powerless, disengaged, or unaffected by the voting process. This group of voters should be made to realize that they have an impact on the electoral process thus the need to vote through an aggressive social media campaign geared towards creating civic and political awareness. These may include the young voters and members of marginalized communities who may feel let down by the political process of voting.

Another effective approach in shoring up the voting population in Texas is through the online and on-site college communities that target college students about to become voters in subsequent elections. They are given all the relevant voting information as well as being taken through all the crucial stages of a voting process. This acquaints them with elections and prepares them to vote. Voter turnout in Texas may also be increased through the spur to action strategy that targets the vote-rich counties of the state whose residents are reluctant to vote. Door-to-door sensitization of the process as well as creating awareness in public facilities will stimulate the political interest in locals, especially in populous regions like Bexar County (Maxwell, et al).

Adopting the serve-the-vote strategy is another ideal approach of increasing voter turnout in Texas. This political strategy focuses on giving incentives to business owners in the beverage and food industry to allow their workers to take part in the early voting part of the election process. The business people should ideally grant their employees a paid hour off their jobs so that they can participate in voting (Brown, et al). Texas also has a voting text-bot that aids registered voters who are disinterested in voting to take part in the elections. The targeted demography with regard to this are the college and university students who may be experiencing logistical hitches, thus they can vote from the comfort of their rooms through the guidance of the text-bot.

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