Essay Sampe Dedicated to Undocumented Immigrants

Published: 2022-07-12
Essay Sampe Dedicated to Undocumented Immigrants
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Response to Sabrina

On the positive impacts, I agree that the best thing that can happen is for Green Cards to be issued for undocumented immigrants who are below the age of 18. The legal system has not been fast enough in addressing such issues. Some of these children believe that the United States is their home having immigrated at a very tender age (Moussavian, 2015). Taking that away only shows that the laws are inconsiderate of their situations. I also agree that youths from families that have a mixed immigration status can be placed under state supervision. This can give the state government security concerning the immigration concerns as it will be easier to monitor the movements of these youths until a solution to the immigration problem can be found (Topmiller et al., 2017). On the negative impacts, I feel that deporting the youth with an undocumented immigration is very sad. It would have been better for the law to consider factors such as the manner in which the immigration took place and individuals in families with a mixed immigration status can be provided a way out of the situation.

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Response to Brittney

Many families where the parents are undocumented immigrants go through the challenge of billing when it comes to healthcare services. Due to this challenge, most of them have to receive medical attention in clinics where the services are free of charge (Torres et al., 2018). The services in these clinics are inadequate and poorly provided. For instance, women who are pregnant can appear late at the clinic. Most of them are unaware that they are entitled to these services (Zhao et al., 2018). I think the fact that Delta Services provides health care services in spite of the immigration status is very commendable. Health care is a necessity and people should not be discriminated against when it comes to health. I really like the fact that Delta provides health care to patients despite their immigration status. At Definitive Choice Health Care we consider the immigration status of patients before admitting them for medical attention. However, I believe that there are steps to make health care services non-discriminatory through a change of policy.


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