Essay Example on the Health Care Management Practice Settings

Published: 2023-01-13
Essay Example on the Health Care Management Practice Settings
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The health care management or administration deals with making and implementing day to day and long-term decisions that will affect the strategies of business in the health centers (Azam, 2011). The main goal of healthcare management is to make sure that there is an integrated transmission of healthcare services and adequate governance of the health care funds. This section deals with making policies, staff, and management. There are eleven areas under this category; hospital management, financial management, human resource, manpower system inquiry, program management, program director, patient financial specialist, administrative manager, patient advocate, business manager, and practice manager Oandasan (Oandasan, 2015).

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Financial management

There are many complicated financial positions in the health care sector. It is a broad field with several categories; branch manager, case managers, risk and insurance manager, credit managers, financial officers, managing directors, and finance officers (Reeves, 2009). The burden of the sector is to make budgets, outline contributing projects for the incoming years, and acknowledge financing of the advanced medical equipment'.

Manpower system inquiry

Utilization of personnel resources in healthcare organizations is the most challenging factor. For the perfect running of a healthcare facility, there should be enough numbers of professional personnel (Pringle, 2012). This sector requires nurses, doctors, and researchers'. A manpower system inquiry person should analyze the numbers of professional personnel's, and come up with organization schedules that will ensure perfect administration of service to the patients.

Hospital management

This segment deals with taking care of day to day needs of a health institution. The hospital manager is responsible for the smooth running of the health center. This segment is responsible for running health care and making sure all operations in the hospital are accomplished. It is very demanding and challenging.

Hospital human resource

In this segment, human resource recruits qualified personnel. They have the knowledge to choose the best candidate for the job at hand. The human resource managers attend most seminars and meet with innovative individuals in the health care sector.

Patient financial specialist

An individual working under this segment is referred to as patient financial specialists. The specialists help families acquire knowledge on their financial options, and their insurances, either public or private. The specialists need to have a lot of knowledge about the health services being offered, banking and insurance industry.

Program management

The work of program management specialists is to make sure that all projects in a health care organization are unified in the computer network. This is done by working together with the heads in all departments in the organization. Personnel's need to be perfect and updated with the IT programs and be able to work with many people (McIlfatrick, 2018).

Administrative manager

An administrative manager is at the center of all operations in a health organization. An administrative manager makes sure that all operations run perfectly by managing the schedules of employees, corresponding to the training of staff, and ensuring that policies and procedures are executed properly.

Program director

This sector needs a lot of general knowledge. A program director is given the responsibility of one or more processes in the organization and make sure that they run properly. The directors make sure that the sectors assigned to them work within the hospital guidelines.

Business manager

This is one of the top jobs in the health care sectors. A business manager ensures that the business activities in or of an organization are running perfectly. They take and keep financial records, account for all operations, and make sure that all departments have the required resources to conduct their operations.

Patient advocate

A patient advocate works closely with the patients and helps in solving their is required to have all the knowledge in insurances and public options to assist the patients. A patient advocate needs to have the experience of an organization.

Practice manager

A practice manager helps in building and developing a new organization to the highest levels. They are part of the administration of a health care organization. When private practices divert from the larger organization they need a practice manager to help in smooth running, and growth of the organization.


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